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Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam
Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

Anatomy of "Big Wind" Scam

Here I cover some key cryptos and related investor behaviours that matter, uncovering the 'logic' that move crypto markets and, occasionally on this blog, I also slice, dice and expose Big Wind Propaganda, and also offer up solutions, especially for Rotor Replacement. Burying old rotors is not an option!

The 2020 Whale Early Warning System: What We learn from 2020 'Hind Sight'

17 Mar 2020 5 minute read 2 comments thunderboltkid

Rigged Markets?  Privileged Early Knowledge to make moves in the stock and bond markets unavailable to the rest? One look at the BTC charts spanning the events which led up to the Crash of 2020 March 9th in the world of Fiat reveals crypto markets an...

Crypto-Proofed Sovereignty: 'Pipe Dream' or Reality?

14 Feb 2020 10 minute read 11 comments thunderboltkid

We have all been duped (at least those of us outside the USA), for a very, very, very long time regarding our own sovereignty. Just when you thought you had great security in place by using Crypto AG hardware (Switzerland) and, maybe, you or your com...

2020 BTC 2X Ramp Repeat from 2019 Jan to June all but assured?

6 Feb 2020 3 minute read 4 comments thunderboltkid

Except we are starting in January about 2X higher in price than January at the same time in 2019.  I believe that human nature/logic/irrationality has found it's collectively crazy way into trading bot logic and, that the crypto market changes from...

Only those Ads on Brave will Thrive: As the Chrome Cookies Crumble in 2022

15 Jan 2020 3 minute read 35 comments thunderboltkid

Goods news for BAT. (which received a spike in buy volume and price today, if you didn't notice ;) ) Chrome Cookie tracking of the user is now officially dead by 2022, per Google's announcement. That includes all those Chromium Browser variants too....

The Great Shitcoin Purge: Coming your way in 2020? Be Prepared!

6 Jan 2020 19 minute read 30 comments thunderboltkid

Do your Homework, Hodlers! ;) The purge in my opinion, has already started over these past holidays.  Value has been repatriated away from some obvious 'flat-lining' Shitcoins, and placed elsewhere as smart investors get ready for a 2020 repeat of th...

IOTA RoadMap 2020: A "To the Moon Buy?" Deep Dive Critique

30 Dec 2019 16 minute read 0 comments thunderboltkid

Ok, the crypto space is well known for whitepapers (Many vacuous, most lacking any meaningful business linked detail, where even more of them are just vague (fluffy/pie in the sky stuff- wtf )). What is really annoying to most of us in the crypto spa...

Right on Queue, Holiday Shopping Madness and the need for Cash hammers BTC under 7K

16 Dec 2019 1 minute read 3 comments thunderboltkid

Per my previous post, and true to human "lemming" form, the need to please, buy favour, even get a little love has transformed itself into lavish  consumer spending on gifts during the Holidays. To hell with tomorrow, let's live for today. ;)  (Hodli...

Crypto Cowboys are Real! Wyoming rides ahead of the pack in the US. Real Progress, Real Jobs.

14 Dec 2019 2 minute read 3 comments thunderboltkid

"Oh give me a home where the cryptos can roam, free to grow and bring jobs with great ease"  sung to an old Cowboy Radio tune ;) No kidding around, #Wyoming is "Dead Serious" about booting up as the friendliest crypto state in the "Union". Looking t...

Pension Plans Burning? Rescue via Sound Crypto Investments

25 Nov 2019 15 minute read 0 comments thunderboltkid

Your Pension Plan is on Fire, Burning Up your Future Buying Power at Record Rates..   Dutch Pension Benefit Cut Protesters November 20th, 2019 Hmm, The People of the Netherlands "NL" discovered just that recently, when they were told by their govern...

Build A Crypto based Republic: A Recipe (to Escape the Fiat Apocalypse)

9 Nov 2019 19 minute read 0 comments thunderboltkid

Yes it is possible.  The tools are all there.   The Design Goal? "If Grandma can't use it, you can't deploy it..."   The Recipe? 1- ADD - sovereign people with a clear political will AND a great vision of what their future prosperity, freedom and...