Are CBDCs or the Cryptosphere ‘Sonny’ come 2024?

Crypto 2024 "Lites Out Event!"?

Lots of “Money Timelines” in play, as the actors in each timeline try to pitch, manipulate, coerce in some regime cases attempt to ultimately dictate which #timeline we the #sheeple should be on in order to capture their future share of money flows harvesting the herd in whole or in part.

Lot’s at stake here, including our livelihoods and, in now certain evident cases, like the MRNA experimental injections being foisted on many of us trying to keep our jobs, even our health and lives.

So pay attention.

Last July 2022 I posted this “A Shitcoin Shakedown or a CBDC Twist?

I think looking back, the ‘shakedown’ resulted in what I later claimed to be the bottom of the crypto market in a Dec. 2022 post Has Crypto hit Rock Bottom?”

it is now safe to say that ‘collectively’ the #cryptosphere as I coined it, is on it’s way back to higher market capitalization values, for now in the short, BUT maybe not in the long term.

That said, which of these above three timelines (per the title of this post) will we be forced to straddle trying to keep our finances from plunging into an 'abyss' of hyper inflation and shitty buying power?

I would argue that only two of the above mentioned Timelines are valid moving forward:

  1. Long term: Gold or Hard Store of Value Backed Cryptos with both a Proof of Authority and Proof of Stake set of guarantees.

  2. Short Term: Hard Store of Value asset backed Cash (Paper and coin)

Yet I suspect we will all be forced to ‘straddle’ three when CBDCs roll-out courtesy our local government regimes starting in 2024.

So where, one might ask, does that leave the greater dual hemispheres of Bitcoin UTXO and ERC20 debit/credit crypto transaction settlement offerings in 2024?

Frankly most all of those crypto solutions found in either hemisphere of the current cryptosphere have no choice but to reform their solutions, that is transform their crypto tech into ‘choice #1’ above or, simply perish in the coming 2024 onslaught of government dictated rules and regulations being rolled out to govern cryptos, which in fact don’t apply to the ‘rolling-out’ regime’s decree of mandatory CBDC use (“Transparency? what’s that?”).

One other key future #cryptopshere ingredient which is shaping up to play in favor of ‘Choice #1’ , now emerging to give private crypto money flow solutions a chance at holding their own against govt regime foisted #CBDCs is the rapid rise to practical use and prominence of first generation inter-blockchain technologies, especially those delivered by #COSMOS Network (#ATOM) and #Chainlink,(#LINK) the current Market Cap table leaders, each with valuations around US $4 Billion or more.

The Inter-blockchain Distributed Public Ledger Inter-blockchain technology in Cosmos form already supports many different asset types with backing for different ‘sidechain’ of ERCxxxx token type (much like #Stellar) and also promises to effectively support privately program controlled “side chain” smart contracts and settlement between different sidechains run by different business interests. This inter-blockchain progress all sounds great, except for one item, that is ensuring the protection of the investor’s right to privacy, while still supporting legal court ordered audits when necessary on the Inter-blockchain.

Right now both Cosmos and Chainlink solutions are wide open to ‘any’ government regime inspection using publicly available blockchain scanners and forensic tools, so there is some work to do in tightening up Inter-blockchain privacy of transaction settlements between multi-parties.

Frankly, today Main St. businesses have privacy and try to abide to generally accepted accounting principles when filing their business tax statements and do make an effort to keep their books in order, should there be a regime call for a tax audit.

Unfortunately the current design of distributed public ledger powered inter-blockchain solutions don’t really provide that “old school’ Main St. privacy by default, nor will the introduction of #CBDCs in your country and the countries near you do the same either.

Yes there is in the CBDC world planned for all of us, ‘Transparency” of all CDBC user transactions between parties afforded to the governing regime issuing the CBDC, but what about the same government regime affording transparency to the people which elect them about government regime actions? Nope no such reciprocal transparency of government regime actions published to the people that elected them. So it’s accurate to say the whole #BIS and #FED campaign to control our lives 24*7*365 with a combinations of #CBDCs and Digital #IDs truly does stink, non?

Let’s face it, the impending roll-out of CBDCs by 2024 favors only those regimes in control of the government, regardless of which country get’s there first. (My countries of choice for early CBDC capitulation starting in 2024 include CN, CH, IL, CA, AU, NZ, SE, NO, DK, PT, ES and UKR).

IMNSHO ‘Humanity’ (aliens not included) needs BOTH hard store of value asset-backed CASH and hard store of value asset backed private money in CRYPTOCURRENCY UTXO and ERC forms to move humanity forward in a more fair and civilized fashion (maintaining the current shit show is not an option) which honestly maintains everyone’s buying power with minimal or non-existent erosion of value due largely to what will be CBDC (fiat) money printing inflation.

Any other ‘cryptocurrency’ choice other than #1 and #2 for money flows dictating our future timeline is, imo, a” crime against my buying power” and as such, a modern crime that has been going on since the #FED Monster of Jekyll Island, GA was created in 1913. Such CBDC planned “Bank Institutionalized Theft” of our buying power coupled with control of rights to freedom(Digital IDs) within our own countries needs to stop asap or, we will all be eating out of garbage bins and heating our homes with the left over garbage in 2024.

So giddy-up #UTXO and #ERC crypto crowds and get to choice Number #1 fast by the end of 2023 or, suffer the inevitable crypto ‘mass extinction event’ heading our way by end of 2024.

That said ALL product and service merchants and the distributors and manufacturers which supply the end consumer also need to ‘buck up’ and start accepting hard store of value asset backed crypto and cash equivalents if we are ever to escape the ‘fiat chains of enslavement’ currently holding most of humanity back, except those running this ‘corrupt to the core’ system.

And oh yeah #Stellar (XLM)community please try to shake that #WEF toilet paper stuck to your collective feet, if you really wanna make it.

Stay safe everyone

TK over and out

PS- Inter-blockchainer solution types need to embrace the privacy crypto crowd too or also get superceded by newbie solutions that do. ;)



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