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TK's 5 Year Cryptosphere Outlook for 2027: Rise of the Equinauts

TK's 5 Year Cryptosphere Outlook for 2027

After reading this post of a similar ilk, The light bulb went on, mainly because the author's vision imo, is so 'off'.

 Let's take a look at the five positions posited by this Moscow based self-proclaiming savant of DEFI 



1. The metaverse will not rise 

Yes it will, but not in the form shoved in our faces by the company formerly known as Facebook.

For example, looking to the past for insight, part of the reason outfits like Dapper Labs have struggled to re-gain their brief moment of CryptoKitties glory is they were too early, betting on Ethereum, expecting it to work in a high capacity, transactions per second "TPS" way. The other reason was the gaming engagement factor of CrypotKitties was missing and thus, the acts of creating and trading Kitties was, after the first few cycles of user experience, unable to create a sticky sustainable revenue stream for the company. 

FastForward to Metaverse, where as we speak, multiple VR "Virtual Reality" lands  are now interacting, where each has markets rapidly emerging for NFTs (earned in game play) of all types and it's easy to see how one could also trade an NFT for a lunch or bicycle on the same blockchain backing up these  'metaverse" worlds.

Such multi-verse, metaverse to metaverse settlements blur the line between virtual and real world commerce networks, as wrapped tokens are flying between these different worlds today to facilitate such hetro transactions,  transforming money types through gateways acting as many different inter-blockchain networks, (Chainlink, Cosmos, Stellar, etc...) .


So the Metaverse will happen in a big way as a 'multi-verse' of metaverses, wired together with inter-blockchain of many different types with many different trading pairs and liquidity levels to support each type of transaction.



2. Wallets will become “super apps”

As the author of the Cointelegraph post circa August 6th 2022 is pushing DEFI Assistant tech to help advise you in staking and taking loans in the world of crypto usury, keep in mind that would be his ideal outcome. Click on the pic below to read more about how we all got hi on DEFI...


Well I say "Not so fast" to such usury and DEFI centric wallets disguised as "Super apps" . 

Let's face it, we in the Cryptosphere, have all been behaving as lemmings, losing our way and, falling off the cliff into the Fiat Abyss of DEFI debt and buying power destruction.

There is still hope however, as Humanity as a whole, does know how to do one thing well, and that is to survive, and if given the opportunity, without the shackles of usury aka DEFI,  we will actually thrive and prosper.

I have said in a previous post I like asset-backed Stellar XLM Lumens appeal in supporting main street business despite the fact they have #WEF stuck to their foot like a bad stinky piece of toilet paper. 

I also like what I see in re-base developments like #AMPLEFORTH  #AMPL, as used here on #Publish0x, which has, despite the big decline in the Cryptosphere, done a more or less good job of protecting some of the store of value I earn, posting my observations on this site.

That said, neither of the two functions re-base and asset-backed tokens, will get us out of the fiat usury hell we all live in. (unless we blast off planet)


That said, a convergence of both concepts, re-base and asset backed tokens, IMO is coming our way fast, right now 'frothing around' in the minds of the nextgen cryptonauts, each of these new innovators looking for a way to blast out of this shite, cryptonauts whose new ideas will takes us all forward to a world of equity based prosperity.

Look for these new, what I call 'equinauts",  to create hybrid stable token re-based/asset backed blockchains which interconnect and traverse both private and public ledgers of all types, organized largely as inter-DAO solutions with DEX transparent price discovery and re-basing built in for stability of settlement (via new forms of Smart Contracts), which will imo, actually see us return to equity based economics and greater prosperity for all.

(Maybe this is a virtual bong induced vision, we will see in 5 years if that is so. ;) ) 

Like routing and TCP/IP supporting voice, video and data simultaneously,  what will come of this new projected convergence of re-base+asset-backed token innovation will take the form imo,  of new settlement protocols, which in fact will largely replace the 50 year old TCP/IP  tech on which cryptosphere (and the corrupt OPM "OtherPeoplesMoney" hijacking SWIFT system) rides. These new settlement protocols, designed to support visual exchanges of value, will exist in a form that is both serverless and wallet-less, in order to facilitate a more convenient and nearly 'frictionless' and feeless settlement infrastructure between multiple different meta-verses.

So instead ,we will have visual vault holdings both virtual and real, the latter as equity/assets, represented as visual and virtual tokens of various types, with true transparent DEX enabled fair real time price discovery, loaded from our secure vaults of cold storage activating access with biometric/voice and visual recognition tech, from which you then, depending on the medium of exchange (VR, phone or desktop), visually match and then exchange in a transactional, drag and drop, visual way with the parties, your tokenized offers to settle the trade, visually.

Wallet, what Wallet?

Nope, we will all just use a cold storage vault latched to your physical identity which works in any environment (including peer to peer ATM Networks) to do our biz, without banks. ;)  



3. Bitcoin will become a unit of account on par with the U.S. dollar or Euro

Nope, the  maturing Whales and, Investors large and small in the cryptosphere, are getting wise fast and, will reject all of the above 'monies' in their current forms in 5 years, as these forms/stores of value are consumers and, not creators of buying power.

Ok if these projects and govt regimes somehow add 100% multi-asset-backing to the above 'money' forms ,  that act alone will change my mind, as it will most others.(but don't wait for it to happen anytime too soon.)

Otherwise expect the above to vanquish in their current form, likely within the next two years, latest.



4. At least half of the top 50 cryptocurrencies will see their standing decline

What is a top cryptocurrency in the cryptosphere today,  anyway and, what will that look like in 5 years?

Hmm, crypto projects are like wines getting better with age and, they have yet to be effectively combined to create the synergistic convergent effects discussed above, which will, imo create a new world of equity based prosperity.

Mergers and Acquisitions will start to kick in this 2022, as various leading projects seek to combine different features to one up the next adjacent competing project with better value. The "Highlander" mentality of "there can only be one" is a #BIS #WEF globalist thug life wet dream of #Bitcoinist and #Ethereum geek lore and future fantasy that frankly imo,  just will not happen.

Right now both #BTC and #ETH are infected by Fiat of all forms, where the cryptosphere is acting like a big sponge, sopping up these buying power eroding STDs into various crypto projects, then releasing them back to the financial world of toxic usury and debt when needed by its holders. This infectious co-dependent, unhealthy, Catch22 market interaction does not work today, nor will it work in the future.

As such, expect existing crypto projects to merge and surge past the current Ethereum rhetoric, as well,  new "equinaut" powered "raptor" projects will pop up fast and join in the fray, in making fiat go away, showing us all the way, to equity economics and prosperity in the process.



5. The crypto market will fragment along geographic lines

Certainly, expect the political lines we see today to shift around and, the settlement protocols and networks that interconnect them to be challenged by new protocols and networks which are  #Quantum Computer hack proof  and natively support multiverse settlement. These new functionalities will encourage investors to simply ignore the current toxic 'statist'  centralized settlement systems of the world, in favour of business outlook and set of re-born, distributed cryptosphere functions which actually embrace a return the cryptosphere and main street back to a world of equity asset-backed token prosperity.

Ironically, 'the West' only need to look at Russia to see the Rouble is now backed by Gold, in order to see the future of money as being 100% asset backed, tokenized electronically,  flowing through distributed inter-blockchain networks of many different types (and not the #CBDC #CB shite #WEF and BIS want to foist on us in what imo, to borrow an expression from #whatsherface, is a worldwide  ponzi scheme which is really the Great Reshit! ;) )

Imo for investors to expect the world to return to the shite of Fiat and Usury in which we are currently in is not an option.

The world of fiat settlement is over and we need to move forward, all of us, sooner rather than later.

Investors can therefore expect DEFI future prospects to flounder as well and, especially not be in the 'promissory note' staking form in which they currently are in, by 5 years, as investors seek a return to equity and 100% asset-backed  money and economic principles, this time in tokensized form.

So there you have it,  my 'counter' prediction for the 5 Year Cryptosphere and, I am stickin' to it.

Be wise and prosper,

TK over and out.

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