Full List of Ontology (ONT) Partnerships & Integrations (2020)

Full List of Ontology (ONT) Partnerships & Integrations (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 19 May 2020

Few projects have managed to work their way into the enterprise space as well as Ontology (ONT), which is the subject of today’s partnership focus. The Ontology network offers a high performance network that is backed by Microsoft’s Accelerator Program.

Ontology has formed many multiple partnerships in a few short years, and these partners operate in a range of industries. The following is the list of projects that Ontology has formed since it launched in 2017. I’ve also written about the partnerships other projects have formed, like Basic Attention Token (BAT), Quant Network (QNT) and Tezos (XTZ). Check those out too.

List of Partnerships

  1. Microsoft Accelerator (Source)
  2. GoWithMi (Source)
  3. MovieBloc (Source)
  4. Hexlant (Source)
  5. NEO (Source)
  6. Blocks.tech/BlockData/Bitwires (Source)
  7. Babel Finance/LendChain/Fountain Financial/HOX (Source)
  8. ChainLink (Source)
  9. BloXroute Labs (Source)
  10. MicroWorkers (Source)
  11. Points (Source)
  12. DAD (Source)
  13. Techfund (Source)
  14. CoinLoan (Source)
  15. Jeemaa.com (Source)
  16. Shanghai Qingyue (Source)
  17. Contentos (Source)
  18. Ubitus (Source)
  19. Hanwha Life (Source)
  20. Blucon (Source)
  21. Chain of Things (Source)
  22. NAGA (Source)

Detailed List of Partnerships

1. Microsoft Accelerator 



June 2018: Let’s start off with something that isn’t quite a partnership, but is well worth noting. Ontology graduated from Microsoft Shanghai’s Accelerator program. The Microsoft Accelerator program supports and encourages startups by giving them tools, resources and expertise so that they can scale. 

Ontology has also added its development platform to Microsoft’s Azure.

2. GoWithMi



February 2019: Ontology and GoWithMi form a strategic cooperation to launch a multi-million dollar investment that will focus on digital twin land rights and decentralized location-based services. GoWithMi offers decentralized location-based services, super spatial oracles and consensus maps . Ontology will offer technical support for this endeavour.

3. MovieBloc

March 2019: Ontology and MovieBloc partner to see MovieBlock’s MBL asset launch on the Ontology blockchain. MovieBloc is film distribution platform that has been launched by the party behind the popular KM Player. According to the team, MovieBlock lets “ creators will get a transparent revenue share, audience data, and equal screening opportunity; the viewers will access various films & contents and get rewarded.”

4. Hexlant



July 2019: Ontology and Hexlant partner with the goal of expanding the Ontology ecosystem. Among other things, Hexlant will support the Ontology token, gas storage and remittance through its node API solution. Hexlant is a blockchain lab that provides 11 mainnet node solutions.

5. NEO



July 2019: Ontology and NEO announce a partnership with the intention of building “an open cross-chain platform for next-gen internet.” NEO, which is already quite a popular Chinese blockchain company, will focus on interoperability alongside Ontology, including developing protocols and components to support multiple digital assets.

6. Blocks.tech/BlockData/Bitwires



April 2019: Not strictly a partnership, but this is worth mentioning. Three Chinese blockchain media companies, Blocks.tech, BlockData and Bitwires have joined the Ontology network as nodes.

7. Babel Finance/LendChain/Fountain Financial/HOX



August 2019:  Ontology partners with 4 DeFi service providers - Babel Finance, LendChain, Fountain Financial and HOX. While these DeFi platforms each do something different, they all involve Ontology’s PAX stablecoin. 

Babel Finance will use PAX for its BABEL Current+ and BABEL Fixed+ products. LendChain has listed ONT and PAX, and users will have access to its services. PAX owners can use Fountain Financial’s platform to purchase insurance, funds and stocks. ONT owners can buy stocks on Chinese trading platform HOX.

8. ChainLink



November 2019: Ontology partners with Chainlink (and which I’ve written about it), a well known project that is working on smart contract and oracle solutions. This partnership will allow for externally connected smart contracts on the Ontology network.

9. BloXroute Labs



February 2020: Ontology and BloXroute Labs partner to make Ontology scale faster. BloXroute has outlined multiple goals, including higher transaction performance, reducing block sizes, greater decentralization and more.

10. MicroWorkers 



February 2020: Ontology and MicroWorkers partner to expedite payments and secure identity and data related to 1.5 million workers. The latter will use the ONT token to pay a large group of freelancers, which the workers can store in a digital wallet. These freelancers can also securely store their data on the Ontology network.

11. Points



June 2018: Ontology and Points (PTS) announce a strategic partnership that will see the latter use Ontology’s high performance network to develop and refine its own credit data exchange, credit scoring, and financial services.

12. DAD



June 2018: Ontology and Digital Advertising Platform DAD partner to build a blockchain advertising ecosystem. Together they will work to remove problems of trust in digital advertising, besides Ontology offering its technology.

13. Techfund



May 2019: Ontology partners and global technology accelerator Techfund collaborate with the vision of bringing “a revolution to ICOs and STOs.” Techfund will offer support in the form of token economy design, and consulting and financial support, while Ontology works on solutions.

14. CoinLoan



July 2019: Ontology partners with CoinLoan, a crypto backed lending company. This sees the ONT and PAX tokens listed on CoinLoan’s platform, where it can be used to lend and borrow fiat money and crypto assets.

15. Jeemaa.com



May 2019: Ontology partners with China’s leading smart translation platform, Jeemaa.com. Ontology’s role in this partnership will be to take the data that Jeemaa has and store it on the blockchain. It is effectively an ecosystem and marketplace for translators, where agencies can assign tasks and offer their expertise.

16. Shanghai Qingyue



May 2019: Ontology and Shanghai Qingyue, a leading Chinese environmental NGO, partner to focus on “green finance” and the implementation of Ontology to foster this concept. Essentially, this refers to investment with a positive environmental outcome. Ontology’s blockchain will be used to business data on the blockchain, allowing businesses to collaborate and innovate.

17. Contentos



June 2018: Ontology partners with Contentos, a project that is building solutions to make the content space more fair and free. As a part of this, Ontology Global Capital has invested in Contentos. As is the case with DAD, Ontology wishes to build a trust ecosystem with Contentos.

18. Ubitus



November 2018: Ontology and Ubitus, cloud gaming platform and Northeast Asia’s largest GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) service provider, announce a strategic partnership. Ontology will provide Ubitus with blockchain-based data exchange, smart contracts and identity solutions. This will help Ubitus reduce costs and increase efficiency.

19. Hanwha Life



January 2019: Ontology partners with South Korean life insurance company Hanwha Life. Together they have created a blockchain academy program based on Ontology. The course focuses on smart contract development, DApp development, developer documentation and various tools.

20. Blucon



August 2019: Ontology and Blucon partner to cooperate on a range of initiatives, including daily payments, cross-border payments and DeFi. As a part of this partnership, the PAX stablecoin will appear as loyalty points on the Blucon platform.

21. Chain of Things



May 2018: Ontology and Chain of Things (COT) partner, with the latter becoming Ontology’s first intelligent hardware and IoT technology strategic partner. The combination of Ontology’s solutions and COT’s hardware and IoT solutions will result in a platform that is focused on trust and collaboration.

22. NAGA



May 2018: Ontology and NAGA form a strategic partnership to bring Ontology’s tech to fintech markets. The focus of this partnership includes application development, outreach, incubation, and “building a new generation of public blockchain infrastructure and a distributed trust ecosystem.”


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