List of Quant Network (QNT) Partnerships (2020)

By list3r | WordStock | 20 Mar 2020

Quant Network is a project that seems to be flying under the radar a bit, something which is surprising given that it has already made incredible in-roads with both enterprise and government organizations.

The project’s interoperability solutions have won over multiple other blockchain networks too, not the least of which is Binance and Hyperledger.

Given Quant Network’s approach and purpose, I’ve divided the partnership into two categories: regular partnerships and consortiums and collaborative efforts.

List of Partnerships

  1. AX Trading (Source)
  2. SIMBA Chain (Source)
  3. Constellation Network (Source)
  4. SIA (Source)
  5. INATBA (Source)
  6. Amazon AWS (Source)
  7. Crowdz (Source)
  8. AllianceBlock (Source)
  9. AUCloud (Source)
  10. Pay.UK (Source)

Consortiums and Collaborative Efforts

  1. Binance (Source)
  2. Hyperledger (Source)
  3. INTEROPen (Source)
  4. MOBI (Source)
  5. Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem (Source)
  6. Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (Source)
  7. TechNation’s Cybersecurity Growth Programme (Source)

Detailed List of Partnerships


1. AX Trading 



August 2019: Quant Network and AX Trading announce a partnership that has Quant’s Overledger technology integrated into AX Trading’s trading network. Several priorities have been laid out for the partnership, including interoperability of securities and regulated digital assets, as well as aiding the transfer of these assets. 

AX Trading is an electronic trading network aimed at institutional investors, focusing on giving them liquidity and the tools required for the trade and transfer of regulated digital assets.

2. SIMBA Chain 



December 2019: Quant Network and SIMBA Chain announce a partnership that focuses on “multi-chain” evolution of smart contracts. The combined effort will remove the “barrier to the development and deployment of multi-chain smart contracts” - in other words, using interoperable smart contracts. The idea is to let individuals, businesses and government agencies launch solutions that work across a wide spectrum in a matter of minutes.

SIMBA Chain is a cloud-based, smart-contract-as-a-service (SCaaS) platform that aims to make DApp development easy for developers of all skill levels. It was awarded a grant by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to the University of Notre Dame Center for Research Computing and ITAMCO to develop a secure, unhackable messaging and transaction platform for the U.S. military.

3. Constellation Network 



December 2019: Quant Network and Constellation Network partner to offer enterprises solutions security and interoperability features that would help in the development of large-scale solutions. Targeted industries include IoT, with the partnership being celebrated as a major step forward for smart cities. The announcement states that the two projects will bring robust security and interoperability that will aid commercialization and provide “ end-to-end path from testing in closed environments to production-ready real-time digital systems.”

Constellation Network is a blockchain project that is focused on big data. It provides a distributed network for scalable data transfer solutions. Industries the project focuses on include IoT, automobile/mobility, healthcare and energy.

4. SIA 



June 2019: Quant Network and SIA partner to create interoperability solutions for financial institutions, including the creation of agnostic applications and services that can work across multiple platforms. Initial tests have already been announced, to be executed on R3’s Corda and private Ethereum platforms. The goal is to allow financial institutions to consider new business models and improve efficiency.

Besides handling payment transactions, SIA provides private infrastructure for banks and has over 570 European nodes on the SIAnet, and operates in 50 countries. IT provides financial institutions, corporations and public administration bodies with the infrastructure required to build applications based on blockchain technology.

5. Amazon AWS 



March 2019: Quant Network and Amazon AWS have partnered, with Quant Network has received the Technology Partner status from Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN). Those who use Amazon’s AWS service can now make use of Quant Ledger’s Overledger for their business. This allows AWS customers to implement a variety of blockchain technologies.

6. Crowdz 



December 2018: Quant Network and Crowdz announce a partnership that sees Crowdz’s global supply chain platform use Quant’s interoperability solutions to work with multiple blockchains, including Hyperledger, Corda, and EOS. 

Crowdz is building a blockchain based supply chain network that is focused on filling the gaps of efficiency, speed and cost in existing supply chain systems. It is currently being used by 240 companies.

7. AllianceBlock 



December 2018: Quant Network and AllianceBlock partner to bring the former’s interoperability solutions to blockchain projects and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on the AllianceBlock platform. The partnership will allow multi-chain token swaps and make blockchain interactions easier for entities on the platform. 

AllianceBlock’s platform is an AI powered decentralized investment and financial ecosystem that allows users on the platform, whether investors or corporations, to raise funds safely and quickly, including equity, debt and digital assets.

8. AUCloud 



December 2018: Quant Network and AUCloud announce a partnership that establishes a blockchain operating system for the government and critical national industries in Australia. Through cloud computing, this will provide greater security and functionality for said industries. 

AUCloud is Australia’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, and works with the Australian Public Sector and Critical National Industry communities.

Consortiums and Collaborative Efforts




March 2019: Quant Network, along with the likes of Ripple, becomes one of the founding members of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). Quant will be involved in the strategic direction of setting new payments infrastructure and architecture.

INATBA is an organization that works with lawmakers and other important organizations to help take blockchain the right way forward, in addition to encouraging an open governance model, providing development support and providing guidelines for applications.

10. Binance 



Juley 2019: Quant Network and Binance announce that they have been working together and that the Binance Chain will benefit from universal interoperability through integration with Overledger.

11. Hyperledger 



March 2019: Quant Network announces that it has joined Hyperledger and brings it interoperability features to the already extensive member list of Hyperledger. It also allows members to use Overledger to integrate with legacy systems.

12. INTEROPen 



December 2018: Quant Network joins INTEROPen, with the agenda being developing open standards for the UK’s health and social care sector. With Quant Network’s solutions, the exchange and validation of data, as well as governance and API definition, will make the transfer and trust of medical data much more efficient and secure. 

INTEROPen is an organization consisting of leading standards organisations, and health and care providers who are looking to leverage blockchain technology to better services and operations in the social and health care industry.

13. Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) 



December 2018: Quant Network joins the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a group of prominent automobile enterprises and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) that are improving services and operations in the automobile industry. Again, Quant Network’s Overledger will ensure that players in the ecosystem can leverage the interoperability to exchange data between manufacturers, devices and automobiles.  

MOBI is an organization that is building and promoting distributed and decentralized standards within the automobile industry. It already counts BMW, Bosch, Ford, General Motors, IOTA and Renault as its members, among many others.

14. Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem 



February 2019: Quant Network becomes a member of Oracle’s Global Startup Ecosystem, a program that helps established startups achieve greater growth and business development. This also allows Quant Network to access Oracle’s large customer base of over 430,000, as well as access to Oracle’s product and and development teams, a global monitoring program and Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development.

15. Global Legal Blockchain Consortium 



September 2018: Quant Network joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, an organization with over 100 firms, including legal entities, that are focusing on building standards and compliance guidelines in the space.

16. TechNation’s Cybersecurity Growth Programme 



April 2019: Quant Network joins TechNation’s Cybersecurity Growth Programme, becoming one of 20 scaleups chosen to address issues of trust and security.    

TechNation is a government funded UK network and the Cybersecurity Growth Programme is focused on providing residential programmes to accelerate UK startups.

17. Pay.UK 



February 2019: Quant Network becomes a Guarantor of Pay.UK, the UK’s leading retail payments authority. “Guarantors of Pay.UK will be able to hold their board accountable”, according to the announcement, and Quant Network’s specific roles include right to attend and vote at meetings, confirm appointments of Pay.UK’s auditors, and monitor and amend Pay.UK’s constitution, among other things.

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