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Full List Of 0x (ZRX) Partnerships, Integrations, and Top 5 Relayers (2020)

19 Jun 2020 5 minute read 1 comment list3r

0x is a cryptocurrency exchange protocol created by Amir Bandeali and Will Warren in 2016. It enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to power a range of decentralized exchange. It is important to remember t...

Full List of 2020 IOST Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

17 Jun 2020 6 minute read 3 comments list3r

IOST is a new generation of enterprise blockchain platform which is specifically made to embrace the era of Internet of Services. It has adopted newer technologies such as efficient distributed sharding, node-to-shard protocol, and even a novel Proo...

Full List Of Ren (REN) Partnerships Involved In The Ren Alliance(2020)

16 Jun 2020 6 minute read 3 comments list3r

Ren is an open protocol that provides access to inter-blockchain liquidity for dApps. The entire protocol is powered by the RenVM Virtual Machine which enables the transfer of any token between any blockchain whilst maintaining privacy.  In this arti...

Full List of 2020 Zilliqa (ZIL) Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

10 Jun 2020 4 minute read 2 comments list3r

Launched in 2017, Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency project with a certain focus to develop the popular second layer solution known as “Sharding”. The data shows that cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have certain limitations, and Zilliqa is trying to cre...

Full List of 2020 Ethereum (ETH) Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

9 Jun 2020 8 minute read 5 comments list3r

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and its use cases have been growing all over the world. As the largest DApp (decentralized application) platform in the world, the growing popularity of Ethereum has been noticed by plenty...

Full List Harmony (ONE) Partnerships and Integrations (2020)

5 Jun 2020 8 minute read 3 comments list3r

Hey guys :) I’m back with another full list of partnerships and integrations, this time for the little-known public blockchain project – Harmony (ONE).  While Harmony isn’t the most popular cryptocurrency project out there, I’m not so sure it will st...

Full List of 2020 Stellar (XLM) Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

2 Jun 2020 7 minute read 3 comments list3r

Stellar is one of the top altcoins that has been around since many years ago. Co-founded by Jed McCaleb, Stellar easily rose to fame in 2017, the same year where the cryptocurrency market reached its peak bull market. For your information, Jed McCal...

Full List Of Bancor (BNT) Partnerships, Integrations & Token Relays(2020)

28 May 2020 10 minute read 9 comments list3r

The Bancor Network is a cross-chain network that provides liquidity across blockchains. Their platform provides a very simple decentralized method for users to convert tokens between different blockchains without the need to give up custody of their...

Full List Of PowerLedger (POWR) Partnerships, Customers & Projects(2020)

27 May 2020 8 minute read 2 comments list3r

Power Ledger is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to trade environmental commodities and invest in renewable energy. With Power Ledger technology installed, producers of solar power energy will have the option to sell it to their neighbor...

Full List of 2020 Cosmos (ATOM) Partnerships, Integrations, And Collaborations

22 May 2020 5 minute read 18 comments list3r

Cosmos calls itself the “Internet of Blockchains” where it tries to be the biggest ecosystem of interconnected blockchains. With its powerful Tendermint software, Cosmos becomes a very ambitious project in the blockchain interoperability world. Its...