The Stellar Lumens (XLM) HODL Experiment
New Stellar Lumens Logo
The Stellar Lumens (XLM) HODL Experiment

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 23 Mar 2020

This article contains updates below.  The latest is 5-22-2020.

After writing an article about the potential Stellar has for exponential gain I took a look at the market moments ago and finally it was down a reasonable amount, so it was time to buy some. That article made a little money so I am putting that money back into the articles!  Most of my money is in Bitcoin but I do have a few side investments such as my BAT HODL Experiment.  I have another in progress for Tezos, but I am waiting for the full amount to begin staking prior to posting it.

I like the new Stellar logo, which sadly does effect advertising to an extent.  Probably not too much, but at least they are proactive - this matters more than a lot of people think.

I went ahead with a $5.99 purchase since this is meant to be a HODL "Future potential of XLM" Experiment which on Coinbase with their "great fees" is $5.00 even or 135.9 XLM.  This is only my initial purchase and it's not much, but the point is of this is to see a small amount of money turn into a large amount of money over time.

Bought Stellar on Coinbase

Now, I managed to get into the market at a good price, about time...  I will be adding more money to this pile over time if the price comes back into this range after payday!

I'll post updates showing the total amount vs. total worth.  This experiment will likely go on for a long while, several months, I have no idea.  I figured updating both "HODL experiments" I have published would make things more convenient as a writer, as well.  The other is on BAT and is focused on market recovery instead of exponential gain; though I wouldn't complain!

"Ever wonder what happens?"

Well, I do.  And now I don't have too, and neither do you.  :)

The thing that drives all investors insane: When you make a buy and the price continues to go down right afterward, haha:
Coinbase XLM Graph

Good thing I'm in this for the long haul, likely after the Coronavirus and hopefully after Trump is out of office.

Update 1: The market is up and looking bullish!  Here is the status quo on 03/24/2020:
Update 1
Nearly to $0.04 in a primarily buyers market.

Update 2:  Bitcoin dived and all coins correlated, however, the market is looking more bullish compared to last week.
Stellar Update 0.0395

Update 3: 4/6/20: Bitcoin surged and all other cryptocurrencies followed putting Stellar up to 0.05 and idling just below:
Stellar Update 3
Despite this it's still a buyer dominant market while BAT is a seller-dominant market.  I started a Tezos experiment or I would have put more money into this, but I can still track the progress and add more later.

Update 4: 4/7/20: Bitcoin and stocks surged last night, altcoins are currently leading both of them in % gains per day:
Stellar Update 4

Getting exciting now...

Update 5: 4-12-2020: Bitcoin fell and Stellar correlated, BTC is showing signs of recovery and Stellar is to follow in a normal margin range:
Stellar Update 5

Update 6: 4-16-2020: Bitcoin fell yesterday and Stellar followed, along with all others.  Luckily there was a good recovery overnight and the current BTC price is at $7044 USD.  As a result, Stellar is back up to a reasonable degree and is holding a buyer-dominant market, for now:
Stellar Update 6

Update 7: 4-24-2020: Bitcoin is currently soaring, and Stellar has some of the strongest signs of recovery among all altcoins, I wish I would have bought more XLM (I did add about 25 XLM) but it's been a crazy time financially with COVID-19:
Stellar Update 7

Update 8: 5-1-2020: Bitcoin skyrocketed, putting stocks to shame with a full market recovery.  I wish I had put all of my money into Stellar when the market was low, because I doubled my money at the Bitcoin peak last night, with nearly double now after stabilizing:
Stellar Update 8

Update 9: 5-9-2020:  Due to Bitcoin and Stellar doing so well recently I decided to invest some more money into Stellar: 
I am now at 404.17 XLM and am much happier with that as a long-term exponential growth integer!

Update 10: 5-22-2020: Stellar is feeling the shock of the recent Bitcoin drop below $9,000 (Back to $9,200 now) a bit more than other altcoins, and has me pondering why.  I moved what appears to be 20 cents worth of Stellar for ETH gas in case you were wondering:
Stellar Update 10

-Thomas Wolf

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