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HoneyGain IS LEGIT - Payment Proof

By Thomas Wolf | Thomas Wolf's Den | 17 Apr 2020

Update 10-26-2020:  All payouts have gone through perfectly with no wait longer than the first one, usually under 48 hours if done during the business week.

I will note HoneyGain seems to only want to allow 2 active devices instead of 3 per household now, though.

When I originally wrote an article about HoneyGain when I had first found it, some people were questioning its legitimacy; others denied it was legit at all.  Because I picked up referrals from that article, I felt obligated to let everyone know if the service was legit or not as soon as possible.  A lot of screenshots below!

IT IS LEGIT!  I got paid early this morning after 21 days starting from $0 because I didn't use a referral or bonus code to start from $5.  I am going to walk you through it in a pictorial review.  It wasn't the fastest cash-out but there is an explanation for that!:

Note that HoneyGain currently only pays in PayPal.  They are exploring other payment methods according to their FAQ.

I requested it on Monday the 13th and finally got it on Friday the 17th.  But, for the first time payout, you are required to set up your payment details through a third-party service called Tipalti and it basically slowed things down on the first payment, only to have the real payment process begin on Wednesday the 15th, which was approved on Thursday the 16th, so it really only took about 42 hours if you disclude that setup time, and only about a day from the approval time.  I will update this article on my second cash out with the next payout time; in the time it took for the cashout I already made over $4.00 for the next one, it won't be long; I am definitely getting 3 devices running instead of 2 from now on.

If you don't want to use my referral links I am told there is a bonus code "secret5" that will activate the $5 upon registration.

My impression of HoneyGain (now that I've been paid) is quite a good one; easily in my top 3 favorite earners and my favorite earner for passive income because it requires almost no "clicking" or monitoring at all and pays directly to Paypal.  You won't even notice it while gaming, I may be upgrading to Fiber internet because of this earner... it's only a $20 a month difference for Fiber and this makes over that on 100mbit, and it would make even more on a 1gigabit fiber line!  So, I can get fiber for cheaper than my current 100mbit cable if I run this program on 2-3 devices!

I am very glad I don't have to write an apology piece, I was beginning to wonder, people saying it never paid had me paranoid!  But, as you may know, I take legitimacy very seriously especially in regards to referring others.  If they don't pay, I don't play.  They pay.  :)

I love the fact that all referrals start out with $5 in their accounts, it brings you to the first payout 25% faster by referring you - it's a win-win; if you don't want to use my links find one of your friends and ask them for theirs!  I didn't refer myself from my mother's account which I set up first (I didn't want to chance it due to being on the same IP) and that is why I started at $0, but it still didn't take long at all, 21 days or 3 weeks even running 2 devices on 100mbit, a desktop, and a crappy laptop I use for HideoutTV for Cointiply profits at the same time.  Nothing like a free laptop rescued from the trash earning income passively in multiple ways at once!

People also asked me about the service that HoneyGain pays you for.  I've looked into it and I have no doubt they are doing what they are saying they are doing; nor will it hurt us in any way.

Oh, and don't forget to enable Content Delivery, a newer feature that gets you paid more!  This feature is currently limited to the US and England per a user report, so apologies to anyone in other countries where this is not yet available, but so long as you can use PayPal you can still earn.

I reached the $20 USD minimum withdrawal to PayPal (this only took 21 days from $0 and you'll start at $5!):

Click request payout, you'll be taken to this page:
HG 2

Then a confirmation page which instructs you to wait for their email, it came quickly:
HG 3

The first email arrives and asks you to sign up with their payment portal Tipalti; they actually send two, one before email registration and one afterward:
HG 4 Email 1

Email 2:
HG Email 2

You'll be taken through a registration process.  I'll note any changes you make will be updated to your account to ensure your PayPal is set up properly, and don't worry - you only have to do it once and it's quick! (Save your email, password, etc - make sure not to lose it!):
HG 5 Registration 1

You will need to log in to the Payment Portal with your new account.  They ask you to set up Two-Factor-Authentication via SMS for security, and you will need to verify it:
HG 8 2FA Setup

HG 2FA Verification

They will then ask for your payment information details (Step 1 of 2):

HG 6 Payment Details

Step 2 of 2 for Payment Portal Registration:
HG 7 Payment Method

You are now done putting in your first withdrawal and are awaiting your first PayPal payout!:
HG 9 Payment Request Complete

You can track the progress between the HoneyGain dashboard site's transaction history page and the Payment Portal's payment history page, but I will quickly note 9 hours after being paid it still isn't displaying in my payment history; it likely takes time to update.  However, you will see when your funds are credited in your transaction history roughly 1 day prior to getting your first payment:
HG 10 Transaction History
You'll see the payout successful in green pretty much right away, but it takes a little while before you'll see the "Payout reservation credits returned." above it.  I was worried this meant my payment failed for a day - it doesn't mean that - everyone gets it, lol - I checked Reddit and there was a post about it, but it lacked proof - until now, anyway.

And last but not least, the PAYMENT PROOF!!!

You will get your payout from an "Individual" and for that reason, I redacted their contact information; it was someone located out of Atlanta, GA.  I was charged a 0.89 cent transaction fee, which doesn't make a lot of sense because it's less than the fee they advertised, but, I have no complaints.

Payment Proof 1:

Payment Proof 2:

Payment Proof 3:
HG PPP 3 - Last

And that's it, folks, as promised - a genuine payout proof article for HoneyGain!

I highly recommend HoneyGain, it is easily the laziest passive-income earner out of all of mine!  This is far, far better than mining or staking for most, but nothing is stopping you from doing that too!

As always, any questions are welcome in the comments, I will respond.

P.S.  I've heard it helps to cash out on Mondays in terms of getting your payment soonest, but I have no way to verify that yet, though.  I will let you know after I've had more payouts.

To all the haters:
There are still people doubting the legitimacy of HoneyGain: Take a look at how I was treated on Reddit for writing a legitimate payment proof article when I've had many, many people here saying it's either not legit, or they couldn't find adequate proof of payment.  Luckily, I don't give a **** about Reddit trolls or karma, been a member there forever and practically never post; they look down on Publish0x, I look down on them, that place is a cesspool and Publish0x has recently vamped up features for blocking and reporting people like this, which I greatly appreciate.

Publish0x is still developing and finding quality authors, Reddit has been around forever and is still a dump like 4Chan.

It took me 3 weeks to make this article (I had to screenshot the whole process and wait between each one) to prove to the people who clicked on my links that this was legit and I wasn't trying to sell them a lie.

I started from 0$ without a ref link.  I didn't know there was a "secret5" bonus code I could use in its place at the time, so if you are not using a referral link make sure to use the bonus code!

I'm used to a handful of downvotes and expect more as I gain more followers, it's often people that don't agree with me on which altcoin is going to do best or some stupid crap like that, or maybe they said something completely invalid and I corrected them, and they couldn't take being wrong so they downvote my posts just for that, but I believe most often it's other authors who downvote just to keep their own posts looking better.  I am not going to change my ways for trolls, regardless of which category they fall into.

I'm now running 3 devices instead of 2 and over $5 for my next payout in the last 6 days since my first cashout.  If I ever find any reason to doubt this service is legit, you'll be the first audience to hear about it!

HG Progress 4-18-2020

Payment Proof Pictorial #2 (5-4-2020)  Note, I'll waited until I was over $23 this time so I would have more than $20 after fees:
HG 2 1

HG 2 2

HG 2 3

HG 2 4

Apparently, once you are set up their payments integrate with your PayPal account and they use a devoted payment email; the email matches the OOO Xmac account this time.
HG 2 5

HG 2 6

I found it interesting the second payment came from a devoted payment account with a notification and the first came from an individual.  I would guess this is a form of whitelisting accounts manually.  The entire withdrawal process was less than 24 hours from a Sunday night to a Monday afternoon.
HG 2 7

And, cash in my account for the second time, a hell of a lot faster this time:
Paypal Balance 5-4

HoneyGain is 100% Legit and I highly recommend it - I've been making about $1 USD per day with this service so far.  I will hear no more naysaying as I am continuously providing proof with all of my earners, this one included.


-Thomas Wolf

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