The BAT Buy and HODL Experiment
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The BAT Buy and HODL Experiment

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 14 Mar 2020

This article is on hold. The latest update is 06-08-2020.

At the time of my purchase, BAT was at about $0.12c USD.  I wish I would have caught it two days ago at $0.08 during the crash; but I was too focused on Bitcoin like most-everyone else.  Over 90% of my assets are currently invested in cryptocurrencies.

I've decided to do a little experiment with BAT.  I have more BAT coming to this account but I went ahead and started with a small $25.00 USD purchase at Coinbase during a dip after the crash.  The goal here is to see the potential BAT has in the next month during market recovery in comparison to other altcoins and BTC.

Coinbase BAT Purchase

Even at the $0.125 mark I chose to buy in at, if the market re-stabilizes as BTC, gold and stocks do, with regard to the fact that Brave and BAT are not going anywhere individually (we have a very brave following in the face of a crash! haha) - the profit margin is currently in the neighborhood of 60% - over double the money.

I'm looking into other investment opportunities with stocks and altcoins but so far, I have found BAT to be the safest and most logical bet.  I'm watching all of them very closely; I am waiting for large margin differences prior to buy in.

Plus, as a motivator of curiosity due to my participation here on Publish0x, we do get paid in BAT here for reading and writing articles - my most recent withdrawal was my largest and I plan on adding to this pile.  While it is worth little now it will likely be worth twice as much soon.  It's an awesome time to invest if you're willing to wait a little while.

Anyway, time to HODL and take notes.

I'll update if/when things get interesting one way or the other!!!

Update 1:

Well, as expected the market has been a little up and down (always!) but showing strong signs of resistance at $5,000 via BTC and 0.10 with BAT.

I received my most recent payout of BAT to add to the pile.

BAT Added

This now puts me up to 204.85789427 BAT with the current (LOW) value of $23.19 - 1:00 PM 3/16/2020

I am happy to have some BAT put in at an even lower price than before prior to the market spiking as I'll make even more.

Update 2:

The market is currently at $0.123554 putting the value up to $25.23 - 2:15 AM 3/17/2020 - I've broken even!

Update 3:

The market surged this morning and is now idling at $6,260 after reaching $6,382.

Current value is: $28.71, and at the peak put me up at a minimum of $4.  That's not bad at all for a $25 purchase, but I will continue to HODL!

Update 4:

Current value is $31.68 and the BTC/BAT markets are both peaking with BAT at its top peak of 0.1555.  I'd say I made a smart investment...

I lost a large amount of my BTC due to a family health emergency, but my BAT remains and I just withdrew this last weeks earnings to add to the pile!

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 10:36:57 GMT Basic Attention Token Withdrawal Requested 75.4778 BAT

Update 5:
Still waiting for the additional 75.4778 BAT to hit my account this morning which is GREAT because the market is in a Monday morning dive!  I'll have at least another 50 BAT headed that way this week as well.

BAT Update 5
Right now it's a pretty split market which is something I really don't see that often; I look forward to watching the outcome.

Update 6: Market is looking good!  Up 11% after being down 10% in my last update. 03/24/2020.
BAT Update 6

Update 7: Market continues to improve.  Up to 0.15!
Bat update 7

Update 8: Market had stayed level at 0.15+ or more for a few days and fell today, so I purchased some more BAT with some random extra money I had on Coinbase. 03/28/2020
Bought 7.27 BAT

I also just made a withdrawal for another 89.2062 BAT which will put me at a total of 414.64816899 BAT, so far.  Getting interesting now as the market is starting to look less bearish and more bullish.

Update 9: 
BAT Update 9
The 89.2 BAT came in at 0.14 which isn't bad as the market is stable at that point currently.  Not great, not terrible on timing.  Bitcoin and BAT had another surge this morning around 3-4AM CTZ putting BAT up to 0.1456 - the market appears to be trying hard to break out of the current dip.  The current value is $57.74.  03/31/2020.

Update 10:
Bat Update 10

I sent my monthly Brave earnings over to my BAT account and crypto is in a big surge right now.  I still have another 80+ BAT coming from Publish0x payouts today which will put me over the 500 mark.

The value is increasing and as of right now cryptocurrencies look far stronger than stocks.

Update 11: 4-7-20: My weekly BAT earnings came in right before the second spike in the last 48 hours, putting me at 520 BAT currently worth around $88.0 USD.  I haven't been doing this for very long...

BAT Update 11

The market leaned in favor of buyers by only 1% as of this morning, despite the gains.  People are starting to HODL.

Update 12: 4-8-2020: I had some unexpected but completely welcome earnings come in from Uphold that I added to the pile.  The market is down from yesterday which isn't a huge shock due to surges two days in a row:
BAT Update 12

Currently holding 581.35 BAT @ 0.1623 with the current value of $92.93 at a lower-mid-market point for the day.  Yesterday this would have been worth about $100 USD.  I only invested about $30, the rest is all in earnings.

Update 13: 4-12-2020: BTC dipped and is recovering and BAT is following suit, though I will note I expect a stronger recovery from BAT than other cryptocurrencies in the coming months:
Bat Update 13

I have more BAT on the way to my Coinbase wallet, but in case you did not know I was just tested for COVID-19, am badly ill, and am pending results.  One of my prescriptions was not covered and I may cover it with a portion of my BAT holdings since I readily get more every day.  I would calculate my losses as an example of why not to cash out early as a way to make up for dipping into the experiment; it's a valid part of learning to HODL - but I don't dig credit card bills after boosting my FICO score 200 points.

Update 14: 4-16-2020: BTC dove down to $6,600 and altcoins followed.  Luckily, there is a strong recovery with BTC and the same correlation this morning with BTC currently at $7,044.  I have added more BAT to my account, and I am attempting to pay off my credit card with my stock money instead of my BAT; I believe BAT will be a better investment:
BAT Update 14

Update 15: 4-24-2020: I've dreaded making this update, I was forced to use most of my BAT holdings to pay off my credit cards.  I use crypto earnings as a way to build my FICO score and I am very close to where I want to be, and I have family obligations.  I am putting my LRC back into BAT now, but it may take a while to recover.  I was put in a situation where I wanted to continue to HODL, and knew there was a strong chance of this happening, but I was in quarantine and unable to sell anything or work for money for 6 weeks.  I am now out of quarantine and getting better by the hour, but the hard choice I had to make was to remove my holdings or face being unable to pay my credit card bills, and I've never had a late payment.  Let this be a lesson to all... HODL and guard your holdings!  As you can see, my BAT holdings would be worth well over $100 at the current price, which is the best yet:
Bat Update 15

I am going to do whatever I can so this never happens again.  I will recover most of the BAT within the next 1-2 weeks, but at a higher price.  At least I still have more than I originally started with...  *Deep Sigh*

Update 16: 5-1-2020: Bitcoin soared to $9,400 and re-stabilized at roughly $8,750 which is still a large market improvement.  Altcoins followed, but I've n noticed the largest gains with Stellar, believe it or not.  I recovered another 69 BAT and I have another 80+ on its way.  It's a fairly quick recovery so far, given the price increase.
BAT Update 16

Update 17: 5-9-2020: Bitcoin keeps flying, broke 10k, and is idling just below currently.  Both BAT and my BAT (among other crypto) holdings made a
very strong recovery.  I went from 366 BAT on 5-8 to 442 BAT on 5-9 just during the spike.  I have seen the largest gains of any altcoin with BAT and am deeply sad I lost any, though I have been recovering it very quickly!


Update 18: 5-9-2020:  I waited for a -20% drop in BAT and moved some Bitcoin in to cover my BAT losses, I believe I am now back to where I was prior to that emergency credit card fiasco.  I have high hopes for BAT long-term:
5-9 Recovered BAT

BAT's future continues to look bright.  Having touched 0.25c again is a great sight!

Update 19: 5-22-2020 - My BAT has made a full recovery and I am now watching the prices idle as Bitcoin does its song and dance; this is the largest amount of BAT I've owned yet, and my credit cards are paid off.  I also added another 25 BAT to the pot:
BAT 5-22

BAT remains in my top two favorite altcoins.  I have no idea when this article will/should end!

Update 20: 6-08-2020:
I continue to maintain BAT as my #2 token.  Current holdings are bigger and worth more than ever so far:
CB BAT 6-8-20

I am not selling anymore BAT.  1,000 BAT NEXT STOP.

-Thomas Wolf

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