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Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a cryptocurrency made by Jed McCaleb and the Stellar Foundation in 2014. Stellar is often described as an open-source, distributed and community owned network used to facilitate cross-asset transfer. Its goal is to create universal access and participation in the global economy. The Stellar exchange has created functions that allow users to transfer crypto into fiat and vice-versa through the help of stablecoins

The inception of Stellar comes after McCaleb left Ripple, a company he founded, due to disagreements in the direction the network should head toward. After leaving Ripple, McCaleb went on to create the Stellar Foundation, which in turn created the Stellar network. 

XLM is the token behind the Stellar network and is often referred to as Lumens. It is often said that Ripple is a fork of Stellar but this is not entirely true Although Stellar may have started its groundwork from the Ripple code, the two codebases are now completely different. For example, Stellar uses a completely different consensus mechanism to Ripple. The key difference between the two is that Stellar is targeted towards helping individuals whereas Ripple intends to help banks. 

XLM operates on the Stellar Consensus Protocol which is basically a network of peers that are capable of running the Stellar Consensus Protocol independently. This method of operation, although not as decentralized as traditional Proof-Of-Work protocols, allows for a high degree of efficiency as it allows transactions to occur through a consensus process among accounts in a quorum slice (meaning only a slice of the network needs consensus for the transaction to occur).

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Last 5 times we got this signal, XLM pumped

4 days ago 1 minute read raven $0.41 tipped

In the last article about XLM, we have seen that XLM might be going up a in parabolic path. For now, the price is slightly under the parabola, but we will confirm this in the next days (whether the price will bounce up the line again). What I want to...

Time for Stellar (XLM) to shine! (T.A.)

1 week ago 1 minute read raven $1.72 tipped

I have been covering Stellar Lumens (XLM) in my last posts, since the burning of half the supply exactly one week ago and following up with my disappointment when I saw that the market did not respond with a 100% increase. Despite the lackluster reac...

Cryptocurrency debit cards: the Coinbase Visa enlarges the range of accepted coins

1 week ago 1 minute read Roberto D. $0.14 tipped

Even today, despite that of cryptocurrency debit cards is a widely consolidated reality, I happen to meet many people who ask me how I can convert my bitcoins; net of the numerous cards that are already present on the market and that allow the instan...

Why XLM Price Falling Again After Burn 55 Billion of Stellar

2 days ago 1 minute read cafoo41 $0.02 tipped

As the weekend trucks along, it becomes more apparent the bearish trend is far from over at this point. Although some individual markets show a lot of promise, the same cannot be said for Stellar. In fact, the Stellar price has suffered very steep d...

XLM / BTC technical analysis [BINANCE]

1 week ago 2 minute read MrBullishSail $0.71 tipped

XLM seen from the temporality of 1W we can see how the structure of candles has followed a long downward trend since the breaking of the distribution zone so far this year 2019, currently the price shows signs of reversal of trend where the price...

These 6 Altcoins Are Ready To Move Up On Short Term Charts

1 week ago 1 minute read moon333 $0.19 tipped

Hey friend hope you all will be fine. Here is the list of cryptocurrencies who are gonna take bullish move on short term time period charts within next 24hrs:   1. IOTA: Priceline of IOTA / US Dollar cryptocurrency has formed a bullish Gartley patte...

Top Three cryptocurrencies You Should Invest in 2020

1 week ago 2 minute read CryptoUpdates $0.17 tipped

The great increase in the number of cryptocurrency users across all cryptocurrencies is highly demanding. The blockchain transfer and banking increase it’s target to around 2 billion users by the year 2020. However, it’s advisable not to just invent...

(IJCH) Stellar - From Ripple Fork To Ripple Contender (The State Of Cryptocurrency Report)

1 week ago 2 minute read JaiChai $0.07 tipped

  Source (Base Source) IJCH - Inside JaiChai's Head (meaning: My warped, personal opinions and musings) From the Author Salutations. I am JaiChai. And if I haven't had the pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm delighted to meet you now. (IJCH) Ste...

The Natural Harmonic BAT Patterns Always Pushed The Stellar (XLM) To Achieve The Higher Than Previous Highs

1 week ago 3 minute read moon333 $0.38 tipped

The XLM token started with the opening price of $0.002251 in Jan 2017 as per Kraken exchange and reached at $0.06700 within 4 months on May 2017 that was more than 2,876% huge bullish move which brought the Stellar in lime light and in a very short p...

What is happening with Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

1 week ago 3 minute read raven $0.65 tipped

In my last post I made a very optimistic prediction for XLM future prices. I hope you guys followed the "this is not financial advice" part, because so far this has been a bad trade. I bought some XLM after the big spike (when SDF announced they burn...

Was Stellar (XLM) Burning Half of the Supply a Right Action?

2 weeks ago 1 minute read Yasin $0.31 tipped

The Stellar team took a big step a few days ago and burned 50 percent of the total XLM supply. The fact that half of the XLM supply was burned received strong reactions from some crypto currency followers. These include LTC founder Charlie Lee and @W...

Stellar XLM burns $ 4.7 billion token

2 weeks ago 1 minute read Ulu_Olcayto $0.11 tipped

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced that it has burned 55 billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) tokens for the development of its network. Total value is 4.7 billion dollars The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) announced that it has burned...

Stellar destroyed 55 Billion of the Total Supply and price jumped 16%.

2 weeks ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.20 tipped

​burn flames free image from Pixabay Here.​​​ The Stellar Foundation destroyed 55 Billion of the total supply and the price jump in about 16% after the burning. That was a massive burn of tokens that was destinated to Airdrops,rewards and Partnership...