Hey There, Names Rob but most of my crypto related names and usernames I go by DarkOnee, I am pretty involved into Many Crypto Communities. This is my first time writing about crypto and crypto related articles and i am no expert but I love the many uses of crypto. I'm a loving husband and father of we ones. I'm a gamer, and I love technology. So don't be shy message me anytime or find me playing blockchain/PC/Console Games: Ps5/4:MartialNubNub1 PC/Steam: DarkOneeOn or find me on Splinterlands / Or ChainZ

Losing An Ethereum Wallet With $4k plus In crypto

1 Sep 2022 1 minute read 1 comment DarkOnee

          Well it’s been almost a year now and I still can’t find the correct wallet and Mnemonic seed phrase to restore a wallet with a nice chunk of change in it. First off my advice is write down your seed phrase then write it down again because u...

The Roughneck Rabbits NFT Project Let Me Introduce Everyone To A Great Group Of Guys, A Great Project, And an Awesome Community

20 Dec 2021 2 minute read 0 comments DarkOnee

          Roughneck Rabbits NFT Project And What It's All About!!!                   Alright, you Degen's out there... Let me introduce you guys to a great project that I found and was invited by some Great Dude's, We have CHOPPER and RICO, The 2 Rou...

KuCoin Exchange Has Brought Back What They Are Calling Their New And Exciting Referral Program, They Have Hit 10 Million Plus Subscriber's!

8 Dec 2021 2 minute read 2 comments DarkOnee

  KuCoin's New Referral Program      As KuCoin Puts It " The brand new referral program is more entertaining and interactive, aligned with our visions of promoting crypto to the masses via gamification."                        So what's Kucoins New R...

My Take And Opinion On Kucoin Crypto Exchange

8 Dec 2021 4 minute read 5 comments DarkOnee

              Kucoin Crypto Exchange & My Opinion & Thoughts On It         There are so many crypto exchanges out in many countries, across many different platforms, whether it be IOS, Android, PC (Mac OS, Windows, Linux). Now that being said I can t...

Need Some Community Help To Earn An Income For A Full Time Stay At Home Dad And Husband My Referral Links Included

2 Oct 2021 7 minute read 8 comments DarkOnee

                                  Looking For Ways To Earn An Income        Ok my crypto community I'm a Stay at home Dad and Husband.... So that being said I'm looking for some help with earning a reasonable income whether it be from referrals, Blo...

Torum Social Media Platform Structured Around Crypto

25 Sep 2021 3 minute read 0 comments DarkOnee

                                                                                                                                                 What is                       What is the Torum Network? What Do you Use it for? Who is it for...

Insights Network Also Known As, What Is It? Is It Worth It? The Answer Is Yes!!!

30 Aug 2021 3 minute read 2 comments DarkOnee

                       Instars Website Also Known As The Insights Network            First off I want to start off by saying I was skeptical of this platform/site when I first found it months ago, So when I first registered to the site I didn't real...

Scams Scammers, And Being Scammed!!! I learned The Hard Way.

26 Aug 2021 6 minute read 8 comments DarkOnee

    Scams, Scammers, And Being Scammed! Let me start this out as this is my first time posting anything of the sorts. Hopefully everyone will bare with me and hopefully I'll get better at this, I've been wanting to start posting on Publish0x for som...