Torum Social Media Platform Structured Around Crypto

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 25 Sep 2021





                                               What is 


                   What is the Torum Network? What Do you Use it for? Who is it for?  Well I discovered the Torum Crypto Enthusiast Network A little while back, And honestly I wasn't to sure what it was or how it worked and what all benefits came along with it. Torum has several uses and benefits. This includes things like posting like you would on any other social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can post anything really that you want to but its main focus is the Crypto Enthusiasts like minded individuals like most of the communities on publish0x, Noise.Cash, Discord that's crypto based. It also includes crypto traders, Companies involved in crypto projects, Trading, NFT's. You can us Torum to spread awareness of you're new crypto projects, You can use it to show off you're newly found, bought, created NFT's.


                                                     What are the Benefits


               There are a lot of benefits to using Torum and here are just a few to of them I'll go over. When you sign up or register to Torum they have a leveling system in which they reward you with for being active, But when you first start out you will have to do missions daily until you hit 100 power points and this really isn't a very hard thing to do its honestly pretty straight forward. You get points for liking up to if not more posts a day, a daily log in bonus, posting a single post but you can obviously post more if thats what you want to do, post a thread this is done in clans that you can join (I'll Explain This A Little More Later). Now those are your daily missions to do so you can acquire power points, this will be this way until you hit 100. But first after you sign up you are going to want to verify your phone # and you're Email I know I should have probably led with that first forgive me ADHD gets the best of me at times and I don't take medication for it. So I had just hit the 100 Power Point threshold and This unlocks Weekly, One-Time, and Special missions so you can start Acquiring XTM Tokens, This is there Native Token for the Torum Platform and at the time of this Post its around $0.08 for 1 XTM Token So just a few other missions you Unlock is gaining Followers which is really simple and most everyone on the platform will follow you without any kind of incentive except maybe follow them back. Obviously like most other sites and/or apps they have referral systems in place to earn more crypto and also to bring new people into the fold and show them a new avenue to earning crypto and bringing traffic to the site.    PLEASE USE MY REFERRAL LINK TO JOIN - - - - - - - - - -> 



                                            So What Else Does Torum Have?


            So with Torum they do have other functions that they incorporated with the platform. You can join what they call clans, these are everything from groups that give away free NFT's from many sites/blockchains Like... Enjin(ETH(ERC20), Neftyblocks(WAX), Atomic Hub(WAX), Solona Network and others I personally can't list every one of them. They have clans that are just about crypto trading, Clans for Airdrops, Clans for referral link sharing, and clans for much more there are endless things you can do with this, you can even create you're own clan for 50 XTM Tokens. Torum also has a section for Companies. These include companies such as Bitcoin Official, Ethereum Official, Crypto Airdrop Companies pretty much anything related to crypto currency. Before I forget they even have a clan, maybe more clans that is about everything off topic from crypto. As I said before there is way to much for me to list especially since I have a hard time sitting for any long period of time most days.



                                      SO Here Are My Thoughts & Conclusions 


       So far I really like the platform, it has a lot of really good like minded people that use the platform. Not only is it a wealth of information about the market, new projects, airdrops. But you always are rewarded with one XTM Token which has a fairly decent market value for something you can earn for free, but also purchase it from exchanges or even trade to many people involved in the Torum community and there are plenty of people involved with the platform that is backed by Houbi Ventures which is part of Houbi Global. It's on several block chains most notably Blockchain Networks: Ethereum, HECO, Polygon & BSC so that was a big plus to me because you're not just limited to one block chain. So if you love crypto and you love NFT's and Social Networking why not Join Torum. - - - - - - - - - - > and have the best of both things most of us in crypto love. Not to mention when you use my referral link, My mentee or my referree hits your 100 power points goal we will both get 15 more XTM Tokens......




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