Roughneck Rabbits

The Roughneck Rabbits NFT Project Let Me Introduce Everyone To A Great Group Of Guys, A Great Project, And an Awesome Community

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 20 Dec 2021



      Roughneck Rabbits NFT Project And What It's All About!!!




        Alright, you Degen's out there... Let me introduce you guys to a great project that I found and was invited by some Great Dude's, We have CHOPPER and RICO, The 2 Roughneck Rabbits that started it all, The project is 10,000 Roughneck Rabbit NFT's, Their charity-focused, and all about giving back. These guys are amazing, Their project will bring you to the Crazy World of the Degen Roughneck Rabbits who are always getting themselves into some Mighty Strange and Hare Raising Adventures... But first what are these guys about and what's the Roughneck Rabbit NFT project about. Well to put it into words the project is about being part of a community that wants to have a good time, Who love to party and have some crazy times, and well just some all-out shenanigans. but on a serious note, these guys are all about giving back to the community that supports them. Their active all over social media, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, and yes they have their own website don't you worry ill be including all the links within my article. I've followed a few other NFT projects before but this is definitely the first one where I've felt like I belong and these guys will definitely make you feel welcome. Oh by the way did I mention their Aussies... They Bring you the Thunder From Down Under. These guys may be super busy running their project, working on NFT Designs, Posting Twitter Giveaways, An making Youtube videos, even with all the work they have to do they still make time to talk to their community on Discord. So as I mention these guys have a Huge Giveaway for their Twitter and Discord Followers So scoot over and check that out there are not many Whitelist spots left so I'd really advise you to hurry up while you still can guys. They're giving away ETH, A Tesla, There's going to be some Crazy ass Vegas Parties so you might want to get on board. They also have just released another Youtube video in their series of videos so here's the link and scoot on over and check that out They give you all kinds of sneak peeks at some of the Roughneck Rabbits and The Crazy shit they get themselves into. So if you want to meet the guys behind the Rabbits why not slide over to discord and go chat them up because they're more than willing to chat and engage with their supporters So Don't miss out on something I can tell you personally is a great project with a great community with over 3,000 strong, So if you want to more on the Roughneck Rabbits You can head over to either their main page @

Roughneck Rabbit


There you will find the Origin Stories of the Roughneck Rabbits, The list of Events they will have going on for the community and supporters of the Project, And of course if you want to ask the guys personally about the Project just head on over to Discord @ I'm personally excited about this project I cant wait to see what these 2 awesome guys have to come here in the very near future. MUCH LOVE CHOPPER & RICO You Guys Are Awesome and I'm proud to be a part of this! This is just the start and I will be writing some more articles as the project starts to move forward.


RNR Rabbit 2


Don't Forget To Check Out These Links:

Main Page To The Project:

Their Twitter:



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