Scams Scammers, And Being Scammed!!! I learned The Hard Way.

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 26 Aug 2021

Learn First So You Don't Get Scammed!



Scams, Scammers, And Being Scammed!

Let me start this out as this is my first time posting anything of the sorts. Hopefully everyone will bare with me and hopefully I'll get better at this, I've been wanting to start posting on Publish0x for some time now I just wasn't to sure on how to do this... But I hope this article will help new crypto enthusiasts and more veteran crypto lovers alike because I learned the hard way and unfortunately it was more then once. So please forgive me if this isn't the greatest writing on here but I but i want to be able to help save people from the these low life scammers of the crypto world. Following this in the next section I will Describe how these guys operate and what red flags too look out for...


                         Things To Know And How To Spot These Scammers

                                                                                                (Obvious Red Flags)


  • Anyone who will promise you an ungodly high Return/Profits if you send X amount of crypto to invest (I personally lost a few hundred in crypto this way when I was first getting into crypto just because of the excitement that I could make a lot of money)
  • Anyone offer you X amount of BTC, LTC, ETH, BNB, Etc. for a small deposit with the promise you will receive crypto
  • Telegram channels for wallet/exchange support where you go for help if you are having and issue and someone claims to be support/admin and they message you first asking for you're login/passward information or your private keys. (This was one of the ways they got me when I was new to crypto, this happened with one my wallets I used and an exchange I used. I lost hundreds of dollars worth of crypto)
  • Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and any other social media accounts posing as famous people stating if you send crypto to them for say a lottery, giveaway, airdrop, or some kind of contest big red flag there. (There are thousands of hacked  or fake accounts scamming people this way daily, hourly, by the minute) 







                                  So 4 Of The Most Common Scams To Watch Out For


1.) So things you are going to want to look out for when it comes to some of the most common scams are things such as Imposter/or look alike websites, they for the most part look are so good they literally mirror or look exactly like the real site. The easiest way to avoid falling victim to this is always, I repeat always check the URL. That is the easiest way to figure out if its a phishing scam site or not. 

"You may be following a solid tip from someone with a lot of expertise but still become a victim by accidently visiting a fake website. There's a surprising number of websites that have been set up to resemble original, valid startup companies. If there isn't a small lock icon indicating security near the URL bar and no "https" in the site address think twice."

"Even if the site looks identical to the one you think you're visiting, you may find yourself directed to another platform for payment. For example, you click on a link that looks like a legitimate site, but attackers have created a fake URL with a zero in it instead of a letter ‘o’. That platform, of course, isn't taking you to the cryptocurrency investment that you've already researched. To avoid this, carefully type the exact URL into your browser. Double check it, too."


2.) Fake Mobile Apps is another way scammers will try and get you're precious crypto, so keep an eye out for apps in the Google Play an Apple's App store. From my understanding Google Play Apps have a higher chance of this Vs Apple's App Store. I personally have an iPhone and haven't run across any fake apps but that doesn't mean there hasn't been or are any fake apps for crypto. (I prefer Apple over Android due to higher security but that's a debate for a another time)

"While this is a greater risk for Android users, every investor should be aware of the possibility. Are there obvious misspellings in the copy or even the name of the app? Does the branding look inauthentic with strange coloring or an incorrect logo? Take note and reconsider downloading."


3.) Social Media Updates and Bad Tweets this one I can't say I've personally fallen for but it does happen people. Hackers/Scammers are smart, they can hi-jack, create, access all kinds of information and accounts, this is what they do for a living. This is a job to them, It's how they support themselves and the criminal groups they work with. So if it doesn't sound right, look right, chances are it isn't right and don't fall for it. (I've personally had some of these scams happen to me. I have a family, bills, and other financial obligations to take care of and it is never fun telling your spouse or significant other that you lost a few thousand dollars because you didn't think before you act.) So make sure you pay close attention to details, look for grammatical errors, look for statements that don't really make any sense. keep an eye out for accounts offering to make you high profits that seem to good to be true, because it is to good to be true its a scam.

"If someone on these platforms asks for even a small amount of your cryptocurrency, it's likely you can never get it back. Just because others are replying to the offer, don't assume they aren't bots, either. You have to be extra careful."


4.) The 4th and Finally scam I want to inform beginners and experienced crypto enthusiast's with are E-mail scams, now i can tell you from my personal experience I get these scam emails all the time saying things along the lines of you have a deposit of x amount of BTC or many other cryptos. Or things like you have won thousands in BTC. Some other examples of these types of emails include things like invest say $200 in Bitcoin and in 24 hours receive a profit of $2000 worth of Bitcoin, Well I'd have to say that's BS because I've personally used exchanges with bots and maybe if I'm lucky made $25 to $50 in profit over a 3 day period. so always check the email address and match it up with the legitimate company that you deal with. look for discrepancies in the logo, the colors of the logos and the email address that it came from. A rule of thumb for me is to deal with legitimate companies/exchanges that have a live support so you can get rid of any doubt about the authenticity of the email. there will be people out there posing to be a company/exchange offering up fake ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) or all other times of products that are fraudulent.

"The ability to check on this is one reason why it's important to choose a company that has real people working for it. If you have doubts about an email, ask someone who works there. And never click on a link in a message to get to a site."


                                                       The Moral Of The Story...



Well the moral of the story is... Always DYOR (Do You're Own Research) to make sure everything adds up. Sometimes it may seem like taking a few hours out of you're time to look into an App/Exchange/Wallet/Telegram Channel/ Social Media Account may be a waste of time but I can tell you from my own personal experience that it is not. I would rather spend some time to check the authenticity of a product or service verses losing not only hundreds or even thousands to scammers but also the embarrassment and shame that comes along with it. I know I didn't want to tell my wife that I lost roughly $4,500 in crypto because I was being lazy or stubborn and didn't want to take my time to look into these kinds of things. I can say I honestly learned a very important and valuable lesson to make sure I do my do diligence and do my own research because that could have saved me a lot of money and embarrassment. So remember don't be lazy look it up, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Don't forget once its sent to a scammer its gone for good you will never get you're crypto/money back.     I HOPE THIS WILL SAVE SOME PEOPLE FROM LOSING MONEY!! (any tips or advice for improving my posts are more then welcome please nothing negative.)





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