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My Take And Opinion On Kucoin Crypto Exchange

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 8 Dec 2021








Kucoin Crypto Exchange & My Opinion & Thoughts On It




  There are so many crypto exchanges out in many countries, across many different platforms, whether it be IOS, Android, PC (Mac OS, Windows, Linux). Now that being said I can tell you from personal experience that they are not all equal or the same. Now as for similarities, well KuCoin is like other Exchanges that you can trade crypto on your phone or your PC. It has Futures like many other Exchanges and of course spot, margin, Leveraged Tokens trading. But one of the features that Kucoin has that I haven't seen on many other exchanges is the ability to trade or buy crypto P2P (Person to Person, Peer To Peer) you get the idea of what I'm saying hopefully. I thought this was a pretty sweet feature although I honestly haven't tried it myself but I do think it is pretty cool to see this implemented in an exchange. One of the slogans you see when you sign into the Kucoin Exchange is on a lot of there I guess you would call it their own in-app advertising, It says The Peoples Exchange. So they go by that mantra because they want people to feel like the exchange was built for them, for the people. I can honestly say I do feel as if it was made with crypto traders and beginner crypto traders in mind. The UI layout is easy to read and User Friendly, Everything is clearly labeled and easy to read. Not like some of the other Exchanges/Wallets that are in half Chinese and half English. Don't get me wrong I like some of the other exchanges even when I run across these issues but I prefer to be able to read things in my native language which is English. I've had issues with, for example, Huobi Wallet/Huobi Exchange great wallet and equally great exchange but sometimes things get kind of glitchy and hard to understand because it will be in what I'm assuming Chinese or maybe Korean so I'll go to the settings of what I'm looking at, like yesterday it had to do with their mystery box Event/Dapp and they have an option to put it in English but it honestly dint help because still, the majority of it was still in another language that I couldn't understand after even changing the language to English. ok, so let's get back to Kucoin Exchange and what I think of it. Not only does KuCoin have everything laid out and easy to understand they offer up all kinds of info regarding how to trade. When you first sign up and register your account you can go to their rewards section and they will literally pay you to go through a few trade Tutorials, I'd have to say I thought that was a pretty sweet perk, and it is probably one of the only Exchanges that offer that up to new customers. Now I'm not talking about things like Coinbase's Learn and Earn because they just teach you about Crypto and you earn Crypto for learning about it. Yes, that is an awesome feature they offer and I think it's great that they pay their customers in Crypto to use their platform and learn about crypto. After you go through all that then they have tasks you can do like Leverage Token Trading; Get A bonus when the first trading volume of $500 or more USDT, Trading Bot: Gain A bonus for the first bot with an investment of $200 USDT or more running for over 24hrs. Another great thing that really benefits new users who sign up is they are offering up to $500 USDT to New Users who sign up and register and pass their KYC process. Now I live in the USA and when I first registered my account and pass all their KYC's I was able to use all their features, I do believe there are some features US residents cannot use now, I'm pretty sure it is Futures Trading because that's why you can't legally have a Binance account but don't quote me on that. I just know some features are no longer available to US residents due to local laws and regulations. But all and all it's never really bothered me I've never really noticed anything that I'm mission out on because I personally use Kucoin for their built-in trade bots feature which is great for beginners and experienced traders alike. This is personally my favorite feature of Kucoin. They have a spot bot or as its described is their volatility killer, Sell High Buy Low, Smart Balance Bot which is new its an investment portfolio, risk spread, and long term, Futures Grid bot with long/short to profit from both rising and falling trends, then last but not least there DCA(Dollar Cost Averaging Bot) where you can make profits from regular investments. All their bots have either a preset, setup or you can go in and manually set all the parameters to what you like, this is for experienced traders that are experienced with setting up and running their own bots. The greatest part about Kucoins bots? well, you don't have to pay for any bots, no monthly subscriptions, you don't have to pay for any market signals none of that. I've tried a lot of trading bots out there and don't get me wrong some are pretty good but why pay for their bots when you can use bots that are just as good, you can either run them as they are or set them up yourself and still make a profit and less work then other bot subscriptions. And yes I've profited off of these bots and so have many others now I haven't become rich from them yet but I do make an average of $12 to $20 every $24 hrs. Kucoin also overs getting crypto loans for 7 or more days and you can win 0% interest coupons on loans for margin trading. Kucoin also always has promotions and trading competitions to earn some serious money, Thousands of USDT and New Tokens can be won for trading a certain amount of crypto that they offer. Honestly, I could keep going on and on about Kucoin, The Peoples Exchange because honestly, it is a great play for new crypto traders and experienced traders alone. They offer so many benefits and perks for using their exchange. Thier exchange and trade fees are really cheap and sometimes there are no fees so that's a plus in my book. So as always DYOR... I went into some details, and some of how Kucoin works but there really is so much more to this exchange. So head on over and check out Kucoin The People Exchange. ---->KuCoin Referral: https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=2Rtsdav     




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