Losing An Ethereum Wallet With $4k plus In crypto

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 1 Sep 2022

          Well it’s been almost a year now and I still can’t find the correct wallet and Mnemonic seed phrase to restore a wallet with a nice chunk of change in it. First off my advice is write down your seed phrase then write it down again because ultimately you will regret it if you don’t and then lose a valuable wallet because you had to switch to a new phone or had to reformat your pc. I can tell you this has been extremely frustrating trying to find the wallet and keys that go with it. When you live paycheck to paycheck most weeks $4k plus can really help out and pay bills that would otherwise be late or pushed off until a later date. Also I love crypto, NFTs and Investing. So don’t be a bonehead like me and misplace your back up phrase or keys because it really hurts not being able to access something that’s yours. Always looking for suggestions or help and yes I have a ledger now.!

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Hey Everyone, First off I Love Everything Crypto and Technology. I grew up when people who owned Computers were using Dial-Up Services like Net10 and AOL so i grew up learning computers as they progressed at an incredible speed. I'm a Gamer Too!


Hey There, Names Rob but most of my crypto related names and usernames I go by DarkOnee, I am pretty involved into Many Crypto Communities. This is my first time writing about crypto and crypto related articles and i am no expert but I love the many uses of crypto. I'm a loving husband and father of we ones. I'm a gamer, and I love technology. So don't be shy message me anytime or find me playing blockchain/PC/Console Games: Ps5/4:MartialNubNub1 PC/Steam: DarkOneeOn or find me on Splinterlands / Or ChainZ

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