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Insights Network Also Known As, What Is It? Is It Worth It? The Answer Is Yes!!!

By DarkOnee | TheDarkKnight | 30 Aug 2021



             Instars Website Also Known As The Insights Network


         First off I want to start off by saying I was skeptical of this platform/site when I first found it months ago, So when I first registered to the site I didn't really do anything with it for a while. Honestly I forgot about it for a few months. Boy and I actually glad I remembered it and started to use it. They offer DAI and their Native token Instar. So head on over to


      So What Does Instars Have Offer And How Does It Work?


      Well like any other platform/Exchange/app/Website you will be required to signup with the usual information such as a Username/Email/Password, I'm going to assume that most everyone knows how to do this part its pretty straight forward and easy. Instars also requires you to do a KYC (Know You're Customer) it's just like any other KYC you have to do. I think it was less then 24 hours before my identification and KYC were verified so that wasn't a big deal, I've dealt with harder KYC's and KYC's that have taken a lot longer. So Network have several ways to earn crypto and they also have quite a few things to offer besides ways to earn crypto. 


                                                            Ways to Earn On                           




  • You can earn crypto by doing surveys that are offered ( I Made 25 DAI just by doing an easy survey)
  • Earn crypto by submitting receipts, I believe the first 3 to 6 receipts you earn 1 DAI per receipt, Now I get 0.25 per Receipt ( You do have to wait a day after you submit your receipts to be credited no more then 24 hours/3 receipts per day.) you can submit any kind of receipt and there are categories.
  • You can earn or buy instars native token and stake it. ( I only have 1.6xx earned and staked but it does earn)
  • Earn Instar token and DAI via their referral program. ( Now I personally have not had any referrals yet hopefully this will help get the word out for and also earn passive income through my referral link So don't hesitate to sign up we both will receive rewards when you use my link)
  • You can earn crypto through there data pools. ( This is also another feature I personally am not familiar with hopefully I can learn some more about it and update the community once I familiarize myself with it.)
  • You also Earn Instar tokens for completing tasks to finish your profile, such as wallet addresses, Email, Phone #, and several other tasks.
  • Here Is a Link/Referral Link:







                                                     Other Features On The Instars Platform


  • Instars/Insights network has a blog you can access through their platform. ( I haven't tried this feature yet although I sure its similar to most blogs)
  • Instars is also just like any of the multiple Social Media platforms. ( You can post statuses just like you can on FB, add images, Links etc..) 
  • They have a Learn Section, where you can learn about there platform and also learn about blockchain and Crypto.



                            So My Thoughts And Conclusions On Instars/Insights Network


         So here's my thoughts on the Instars platform, so far it is a great site they offer many opportunities to earn several types of crypto's. You can't beat getting free DAI for receipts from the store, I know I'm guilty most of the time just throwing them in the trash without a second thought. It doubles as a social media platform, once you gain access to withdrawal's from you're DAI you can pretty much scan receipts and withdraw you're DAI within the next 24 hours of you're receipts being approved. They offer great compensation for getting referrals to sign up and complete 3 pretty simple tasks. So far I think its a great platform, So far my only complaint would be there needs to be more surveys offered so hopefully they will start including more surveys in the future. But for everyday earning you can complete some of the small tasks, scan receipts, buy instar tokens or earn them and stake them and make money, learn about crypto and post to there social platform like you would to any other platform. Instars also offers a level system starting at bronze all the way up to sapphire level which includes a lot of different benefits. So Take My Word For It Sign Up With My Link And Start Earning Easy Crypto Honestly It Pays Better Then Most Faucet Sites I've Used!!!!!!   <-----------MY PERSONAL REFERRAL LINK!!!! USE IT!!!!

         There Is So Much More To This Platform So Check It Out!



                                                All Links, Information, and Pictures I used come from Instars site



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