How social are blockchain-based content creation platforms?

By the01crow | the01crow | 17 Oct 2019

Content creation platforms must have some social factor that encourages us to be read, almost all people create publications, some better presented than others in terms of layout, editorial form, visual elements, even videos, gifs images, etc, all users who are on these platforms want to be recognized, here is the key, and this is the difference between those good content creators, who seek audience and the best they can find are those people who write content with themes similar to yours, and those who do not interact.

Finding the niche is fundamental to grow in these platforms, that's why we must discover that authors are as good as us or at least better than us, especially who write about topics that interest us, this way we solve 2 things, enjoy what we will be reading, and learn about other points of view, which will keep us updated, by making comments that add value to the publication, you are demonstrating that that person, who made an effort to think of a good publication, feels good and produces curiosity, so they will visit your blog, and if you write in an interesting way, and you make quality content (which is subjective), but something worked on is perhaps possible to produce that feedback.

Some social media platforms based on blockchain, have an internal chat, such as trybe, has its messaging system and a chat, this increases the possibility of socializing with people, the more social people but could be the people who vote, share, comment and read your publications.

Platforms like Uptrennd, usually have communities in Telegram, where they perform a series of activities and dynamics where they give away tokens, but you can also talk about the platform and other topics.

Memocash has surveys, and also a messaging system, in addition to the comments in the publications.

Publish0x has comments in its publications.

Almost all platforms have ways to divide content by tags, niches, that way you can filter content, and find great authors. Usually, people meet either in telegram groups, or discord, and there is another type of interaction, remember to strengthen ties with people whose reputation within the platform is such that the times they share your publication, is noticed to followers of them. So remember to also look for those users who somehow end up being leaders, due to their arguments and active participation within the platforms.

If you live in different social media, there is the possibility of crossing with several users, that could be another way you could use to interact with them, having that something in common greatly facilitates social relations.

Even with the limitations of platforms usually people will look for other means where to meet, whatever those who are passionate about the platform, are those who are most noticed, that would be a plus if they are good content creators, the stories people have that is also something magical, you can always learn from them and of course have a friendship, some get to perform meetups, and meet in person nothing more amazing than that emotion, to see another user of a platform in which you know that is the future because the technology that is behind that you have become part of your daily life, that they are people with the same vision as you, and when things get to this point, is something really great. You would even get to check if the fame you have created in the platform is real, I have had that experience and meet people who are surprised by who is that pseudonym that makes such content, gives advice, guidance is a pleasant memory that you left.

Whatever platform you make life on, remember to respond to comments in your publications, comment on authors who create content, socialize in discord, telegram or other chat, this only shows that you have a sense of relevance in the platform, and you benefit.

Social media platforms based on blockchain will only be sociable if you take that step, as long as you don't take it and it's a blog where you create content and it's already difficult to get noticed.

I would like to know your opinion on the subject, leave a comment if you wish.

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