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By the01crow | the01crow | 1 Oct 2019




The platforms for creating tokenized content, or based on blockchain are a subject that I like very much, because partly the community is who partly values the publications of other people, Publish0x is a good example of this, and I think the best because in this platform the vote of all users has the same value, and the value of the vote works thanks to the way the creators of this platform have decided how to distribute and create value, a problem in which other platforms is seen but not in the same proportion.

This time I will talk about uptrennd, is similar in the voting systems, this platform has ways that the content can be trending giving points, another feature is that you can buy niches, something similar to what you can find in Narrative, another feature is sharing links, for many bloggers could be a way to publicize their content on other platforms, uptrennd content is oriented to cryptocurrency, blockchain, news, crypto games, and many things but only on those topics and should be published in English.

The moderation and the team are friendly, their community makes life in telegram, and they encourage through activities and tipping in 1up.

To be able to withdraw 1up, you must have an account at metamask and give your address, then have a minimum of 200 1ups, and then they will be credited to your address.

The points in uptrennd called 1up, are used to raise the level of accounts, these serve for example in level 5, can make use of referral link, the way they have implemented this is a solution to not any user or at least the spammer, can benefit from the program reward for inviting people and get free tokens, for it must either make life on the platform sharing publications, or buying tokens and adding them to the wallet.

Another thing that strikes me is the number of good bloggers that can be achieved, as in any platform quality is imposed, which is why it is important to make use of downvote, to reduce the ability of spammer or shitposter come to make life on the platform.

This platform shares similarities with Social Network Trybe.one, Memocash- is a social network based on the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash and Publish0x in function to which most of the content and users who make a life are interested in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and similar topics.

So if you're a crypto enthusiast, you might also like these mentioned platforms. In an upcoming issue about more platform reviews and crypto games.


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