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By the01crow | the01crow | 16 Sep 2019

These are two things that interest me a lot, since through blockchain-based platforms I find communities that mostly handle these terms or at least the most basic ones, they know how to use wallets, transfers, tokens, they know at least 2 blockchain technologies, and this is a difference in the level of publicity that could be found, if you are one of those who create content and seeks to capture attention, oriented to these issues, and I always ask myself the same question "Why don 't ordinary people know about blockchain, cryptocurrency? ", which is what makes the rest of the people stop using typical social media, like facebook where they collect the data and are sold, it seems that people don't care much privacy, and they love to be attacked by complex algorithms that refine the advertising to which they are constantly bombarded.


Each social media platform based on blockchain has its own rules, sometimes imposed by the creators of the platform, which limit the main themes, and seek to capture that mass of expert users so to speak, quite a bit ago platform limited to user content was only based on cryptocurrency be news, be it content as such, tutorials, reviews on platforms, blockchain, ICO, tokens, exchanges and so on, and let it be more open and more topics were added, it always happened to me For this platform to see how it goes, it has an interesting community, which interacts a lot, and you always learn something every time you look at the feed.


Platforms like Memocash, where most or all of the users that make life in that blockchain are obviously adept at bitcoin cash, the platform is really simple, lets us place twitter links, and a limited number of characters is similar to twitter but within a blockchain, where you can give or receive bitcoin cash in addition to tokens that were created recently.


One of the platforms that caught my attention, was TruStrory because there is incentive to debate, and the level that there is in the users that make life, is really high, getting to the level of them interacting gives very good results since it is a constant reasoning exercise and always looking to exchange opinions and hold it up to a certain point, is a good way to get closer to the information, since you can create debates and take advantage that the platform could be used to verify past events, due to the knowledge that can be affirmed in the comments of the community.

Now, let's talk about the games, they thought I would forget about this point ?, well no !, blockchain-based games are an interesting way to attract hundreds and thousands of people to go into this incredible world, from which once you start to understand things, you don't see them the same, I don't know if you, when you discovered the world of cryptocurrency, started talking to your friends about how fantastic that technology was, about the potential that everything could be tokenized, or how fast you could send money from one place to another, maybe you were the ones who thought cryptocurrency was something of criminals and hackers, I imagine that many of those who start through blockchain-based games will go through that stage of always talking of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and perhaps its beginnings in the world of trading, and becoming a fan of some exchange.

I believe that blockchain-based games initially generate that impact, and of course, when you start to realize that it is possible to generate revenue through games, it makes it even more fun.


Steem Monster a Card Game, one of the most lucrative games I know, because having cards, you can do daily missions and there is the possibility of winning $ 60 reward cards, and that as you play against other players You win tokens called DECs, which can be exchanged by TRON or Steem, another thing that makes this game profitable is that the cards have a limited number, can be burned by DECs, there are also tournaments in which the prize is usually from 50 to 500 USD, the game has a fairly active market, since cards are required to combine and this means that the cards have levels, and the more levels you can reach, the more you can get bored, if one day the game bores you, you can simply rent your cards and offer that service and generate income while you no longer want to play, even trying to quit the game is still profitable.


Some games of Ethereum like 0xUniverse, an amazing game of planets in which we have to initially buy planets, to produce resources and knowledge to create ships send them to space and find new planets, these planets depending on the type of planet, common, rare, epic and legendary resources you have, varies the price from 0.50usd, to $ 2500 or more.



Other games from the creators of 0xUniverse are 0xWarrior, an interactive fighting game where you can play for free, level up your characters and buy and sell items, participate in fights in the arenas and get prizes!

MyCryptoHero is similar, although the difference is that one can have several heroes and buy them in the market in addition to the items they carry, and you can quest and get items and sell them.


The last three games that I mentioned are multi blockchain games, that is, they are in different blockchains, Eos, Tron, Eth, and it is something innovative.

I hope you liked this post, especially aimed at those who like blockchain-based social media and games.

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