Memocash- is a social network based on the blockchain of Bitcoin Cash.

By the01crow | the01crow | 26 Aug 2019

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Memocash- is a social network based on the blockchain of bitcoin cash.

Basically all actions performed are graded in the blockchain of bitcoincash.

In this network you can write short articles, link tweets, create polls, and vote in them.
Users give tipps in bitcoincash and you can also give tipps.



I really like blockchain-based social networks, especially for the people who make a living on these kinds of platforms.


We can write messages with 217 characters, add links, tweets :


Take polls! and answer...



Besides sending bitcoincash to address:


There is also a token market, where we can even create our own token.


And as in any social network, there are different themes and communities within that make life.



Personally I usually enter especially when events occur that have to do with bitcoincash, the discussions that are usually seen around that time are very interesting, and learning about technical details that are usually explained or discussed there is quite enriching, is a fairly intuitive platform.




Crypto enthusiast, fan of Social Media based Blockchain and Games! using cryptocurrency since 2014.

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