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Scorum - Social media platform

11 Jan 2020 6 minute read 1 comment the01crow

Scorum is a platform for creating sports-oriented content, e-sport, sports betting, from table games like poker, chess, pool, winter games like sky, ice skating, and you are a fan of some soccer team, football, baseball, basketball, cricket,...

Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.

8 Jan 2020 1 minute read 13 comments the01crow

I've done several reviews, analyzing different platforms, although some of them have great features such as:Trybe This platform has a system of ranges which allows them to give an amount of trybe (tokens), has a system of checking publications, you h... - Social Media Based in Blockchain

8 Jan 2020 5 minute read 0 comments the01crow, is a really new social media, in which you can make livestream or publish audio and video, images or writings. It is designed so that users can generate content and earn through subscriptions, offering exclusive content for...

Read.Cash - Social Media Based Blokchain

6 Jan 2020 2 minute read 2 comments the01crow

Personally I think this platform is great, it gives higher priority to publications related to bitcoincash. When you log in you save the date, derivation path, the beep, and the phrases, my first wallet I lost it was funny, I didn't know you had...

Tipestry - Social Media Platform

6 Jan 2020 1 minute read 0 comments the01crow

    Typresty is a platform on which you can win btc, eth, doge and the currencies within typesty It is ideal for buying publication links, and making your content known, usually people share gifs and images. It is quite intuitive to use, but it...

Masmic- Social media based in Blockchain

27 Dec 2019 2 minute read 2 comments the01crow

    The blockchain or token based platforms are interesting because of the dynamics and the idea behind this type of platforms, some are made to reward the content, and have different ways to make that assessment, some take advantage of the Pos, and...

Cent- Social Media Based in Blockchain [Ethereum]

26 Dec 2019 2 minute read 1 comment the01crow

    Cent is a content creation platform where it encourages interaction between users, there are dynamics where users create as contests or ask to do tasks, comments, usually give the prize to the best 5 or 3 users, depending on the number o...

Social media comparisons: VS

22 Dec 2019 1 minute read 9 comments the01crow

      This is a comparison of two platforms based on blockchain or tokenized, we will analyze minds vs uptrennd which platform would be better. To start a brief review of both platforms: MemoCash Now that we have a gener...

Social media comparisons: Mind vs Uptrennd

19 Dec 2019 1 minute read 7 comments the01crow

This is a comparison of two platforms based on blockchain or tokenized, we will analyze minds vs uptrennd which platform would be better. To start a brief review of both platforms: Also a paywall, for those who want to make exclusive content,...

Bitcointalk- campaign signatures (Get bitcoin and altcoins).

16 Dec 2019 3 minute read 0 comments the01crow

Bitcointalk- campaign signatures (Get bitcoin and altcoins). For those who do not know, bitcointalk is the forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto to make known bitcoin, in that forum which is active and is a must for any project to make its announcem...


This is why I'm infinitely Bullish about Steem

31 Dec 2019 belemo

12 January 2020
steem to monetize your posts you must be known, or have a project, or be very active in communities with people ifluyentes or curator, or be a developer, or have met people in steem fest, any blogger who does not interact with those people will hardly vote the content

Blockchain Social Platforms You Should Really Avoid

9 Jan 2020 Scott Cunningham

11 January 2020
My list of Platform Bassed in Blockchain: Tron/Nrve Graphene Framework (SCR) Ethereum XLM btc/eth/doge/ Eth/TAN SUP Token Bassed in EOS/ BNT btc BTS Komodo Platform BTC LN OKU Tron/FSTER Bitcoin LN PBQ Hymm Tokens No btc PASTA protocol(DDPoS) ERC-20/SPN SNX Ethereum/Minds token Based in EOS/TRYBE token LBRY Golos Weku Bears Bassed in BTS/wls No have token BTC LN Ethereum UOS token ERC-20/ONZ No avaliable STEEM ERC-20/1up ERC-20/bat,Hydro Bcash Bcash Bcash Bela *** Somee ERC-20/wow *** creary bitcoin cash *** Howdoo (UDOO)- Ethereum *** EOS ETH ETH *** Blockstack Karma-EOS bitcoin SV *** bitcoin primas-ETH ETH eth *** *** *** *** btc Earn ETH ALis *** sphere - Eth btc *** *** *** *** Earn btc cash I am also a fan of social media, personally I think you are one of the greatest exponents on that subject.

Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.

8 Jan 2020 the01crow

09 January 2020
yeah! is one of the best things about the platform.

Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.

8 Jan 2020 the01crow

09 January 2020
There are very few platforms where you can generate decent income by being a blogger.

Why is Publish0x better than other blockchain-based social media? Things that should be improved.

8 Jan 2020 the01crow

09 January 2020
uff, if improving the text editor, are things that would improve the experience to a content creator.

Steem Engine is release Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Monday!

8 Jan 2020 Treeπ

08 January 2020
The nft in steem engine, makes the ENG have more options of use, due to a non fungible token is basically the tokenization of anything, imagine you have a cosmetics game and you want to know if it is branded or copy, then this has an identifier, the tokenization is to add that token to a blockchain, ie an identification ... basically that, in the context of steem-engine, means that: Considering that with ENG you can create a token, you can create a content creation platform and tokenize it (i.e. make your own platform), that in Steem-Engine you can add external tokens (any crypto but it has a cost... decent as any exchange will be) Now we add the function of being able to create a NFT, it is something similar to what Ethereum does with the intelligent contracts, that is to say to create token, but now this functionality within steem-engine, means that for example, an artist or illustrator, can offer his services so that someone, an investor who now wants to develop his game (that should not program so much) can do it... and sell unique cards within the blockchain of steem.

Merry Christmas

25 Dec 2019 derb540

28 December 2019
Hey welcome! Merry Christmas

EosRacing an incredible and profitable game!

16 Dec 2019 the01crow

23 December 2019
Thanks! its a great game very profitable

Social media comparisons: VS

22 Dec 2019 the01crow

23 December 2019
Thanks! i check it

Social media comparisons: VS

22 Dec 2019 the01crow

23 December 2019
Sorry to delete the comment, I thought I gave you an answer, and I deleted it by accident.

Social media comparisons: VS

22 Dec 2019 the01crow

23 December 2019
Have you seen any recent platform changes?

Social media comparisons: VS

22 Dec 2019 the01crow

22 December 2019
@nachomolina you can earn btc in coil, or mind, have paywall, suscriptor pay you content, i better publish0x or uptrennd.

Social media comparisons: Mind vs Uptrennd

19 Dec 2019 the01crow

20 December 2019
If, as it is, uptrennd is a better platform, always minds gave me that impression and I gave him the opportunity several times.

My experience in the world of cryptos [story]

17 Oct 2019 the01crow

17 October 2019
In the personal Steemit, even with all its complexity, and difficulty to monetize today, 3 years ago anyone could do from 100 to 1000 USD, there was not so much greed, and the sp of the killer whales and dolphins destined it to user votes, now there are hundreds of dapps, and things are diluted there, apart from the bid bots that was a model that hurt the platform and benefit to those who used it, but I bury good writers for never becoming trending, Scorum is another very good project, too bad the team has abandoned it and its power down is 12 months, Narrative I like a lot for the way users are rewarded,and Uptrennd are my favorites.

A new generation of social media - Zapread

16 Oct 2019 fervi

17 October 2019
This is pure gold, I'm going to that platform too.

How social are blockchain-based content creation platforms?

17 Oct 2019 the01crow

17 October 2019
In steem, the situation is not very different but has certain elements that make it more complicated a new user, facing these problems can be frustrating: - It requires 50 steem en stake, ie steem power, fortunately, the current value of steem 0.14 is so low that that amount of sp, ie 7 USD. Other ways to solve the problem of steem, is to buy delegated sp either to blocktrades, or minnow booster, to give an example, you pay a minimal amount, and you have either for 90 days an sp. This feature, called bandwitch they did so that bots did not comment to comment, avoid spam and all that, obviously not all things go as expected, and limits new users to make interactions. Another thing is that since the steem is so low, doing sp is relatively easy, obviously getting votes. The Bid Bots system is to pay for your publication to be trending, and obviously, this left a good ROI, now we are fighting against those systems, whales like upmewhale, went to manual curation, ie vote without paying, as long as your publication is of quality. A steemit what makes it difficult in part is how to monetize the content, because you depend on the sp of the people, that your publication is elected by some curator and projects that value content such as curie, ocd, curangel, sometimes are insufficient, there are many more communities. Currently one of the changes that were made was to encourage voting publications, since the payments are intended to 50% to those who vote, and 50% to the creator of content, and then that 50% will be divided between 2, 25 in liquid and 25 in sp. As trending is currently cleaner due to the bid bots fight, good content creators can be noticed.

Tasty Egg Salad Recipe. Quick and healthy.

4 Oct 2019 happygirl

04 October 2019
please you can delete 2 post?

Should there be a culture in the community within a social media tokenized?

3 Oct 2019 the01crow

04 October 2019
If, unfortunately, they seem to care little about the work of content creators just to get a few crumbs every 6 minutes, trying to develop a skill and even a job as a writer.

Crypto-Bridge goes KYC! Wut??

2 Oct 2019 Jelly Fish

03 October 2019
True, it's an irrefutable truth.

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