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the01crow new blockchain search Engine.

3 days ago 1 minute read the01crow $0.23 tipped is a blockchain-focused search engine. Our mission is to drive the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide. Users can earn maars based on their overall reputation through our daily maars distribution program.How can you ea...

Social Media Platform based Blockchain: Mind

4 weeks ago 1 minute read the01crow $0.26 tipped

  Another thing that I found interesting is that the interactions that take place on this platform, ensure you tokens, which translate to buy visibility. I have a fascination for blockchain-based platforms, first for the way they manage to tokenize...

My experience in the world of cryptos [story]

17 Oct 2019 4 minute read the01crow $0.13 tipped

Hello everyone, I am like many of those who make life on this platform, a crypto enthusiasts, I knew the bitcoin by those stories from the deep web, so I wanted to try to find some fraction of it, I set out to read to learn what it was, after spendin...

How social are blockchain-based content creation platforms?

17 Oct 2019 3 minute read the01crow $0.26 tipped

Content creation platforms must have some social factor that encourages us to be read, almost all people create publications, some better presented than others in terms of layout, editorial form, visual elements, even videos, gifs images, etc, all us...

Why Play Gods Unchained?

15 Oct 2019 3 minute read the01crow $0.55 tipped

This is a decentralized game that unlike other games similar to this one, you are the owner of the cards, ask the following question and the user Cerne (CRN)#3423 who is a community moderator in the discord of Gods Unchained the01crow: If for some re...

Publish0x - Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform

4 Oct 2019 1 minute read the01crow $0.40 tipped

  This review will be published in the following platforms based on blockchain: Steemit, Trybe,  Whaleshares, Bearshares, Weku, Memocash, Uptrennd, Narrative, HyperSpace, Scorum and other social media.In my previous publications with similar theme t...

Should there be a culture in the community within a social media tokenized?

3 Oct 2019 4 minute read the01crow $0.19 tipped

The users of the platforms in which the content is valued, either because it is tokenized and has a system in which users can reward other authors, one of the key things in this platform is to give recognition to quality authors, so that there can be...

Uptrennd - Blockchain-Based Social Media Platform

1 Oct 2019 1 minute read the01crow $0.12 tipped

  The platforms for creating tokenized content, or based on blockchain are a subject that I like very much, because partly the community is who partly values the publications of other people, Publish0x is a good example of this, and I think the bes...

Platforms tokenized or based on blockchain?

30 Sep 2019 3 minute read the01crow $1.43 tipped

Perhaps you are wondering what has the amazing blockchain that once you understand how it works, you cease to be the same, the uses of the protocol is that it is a database that is public, that is immutable, unforgeable, and being transparent to many...

Steem Knights - New strategy Game ,Open Beta in a few days! Join now!

27 Sep 2019 1 minute read the01crow $0.04 tipped