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The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 49.0]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 15 Aug 2021

Issue 49.0 / August 15, 2021


"Bitcoin and its underlying discovery of absolute scarcity for money, is an unstoppable idea whose time has come." - @Bragato18

Going Bankless

Here's a great thought piece by Ryan Sean Adams on why the current banking system in the United States needs a major upgrade. Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash can come to the rescue in Adams' financial situation. A few directions are presented by him in how the U.S. should proceed. I'm discovering more people every day that are becoming bankless, for example, this person who is shunning their local bank and banking through Binance.

Learn Bitcoin Cash History

Read chapter 19 for free on Bitcoin Cash from The Blocksize War: The Battle for Control Over Bitcoin’s Protocol Rules book by Jonathan Bier. It's an amazing historical account of what happened in BCH's turbulent early days. There's even a part in the complimentary BCH chapter of the cryptic message reading “Genesis Block 269-273 Hennessy Road Wan Chai Hong Kong” by an anonymous miner. It's an unforgettable morning for the author that plays out like a scene from The Da Vinci Code movie. If you love Bitcoin Cash, then this chapter is required reading. ICYMI, you can earn free Bitcoin Cash on just by engaging with over 250,000 users on the BCH powered micro-blogging site.


File this under Bitcoin humor. I've read many sources forecasting Bitcoin's price to hit $100,000 by year's end. I've even seen a few forecasts calling for $500,000 to $1,000,000 Bitcoin for the next decade. But have you seen The Simpson's Bitcoin prediction of infinity? How is that even tracked in a spreadsheet? LOL!


What is Blockster? It's a social media network (like Facebook) that's powered by the ERC-20 token $BXR that targets crypto, NFT, and blockchain enthusiasts. Under the Blockster roof there is a crypto news desk with content by sponsored bloggers along with a crypto oracle price system powered by Chainlink. Owners of $BXR can stake and earn from revenue sharing rewards. Blockster has also integrated the social messaging features of video, audio, and chat. This has been my experience on Blockster so far:

  • I've found the platform slow and clunky.
  • The stylesheet keeps breaking on every page load for me.
  • Upon first log-in, Blockster already had me following like 70+ accounts. Looks like mostly Blockster employees and promoted or compensated accounts. Found this one a bit weird.
  • Too many rules in setting up a page, like a blog post. I was unsuccessful in setting one up.
  • My two or three posts have received no engagement last I checked.

I will give it some more time since Blockster is still in beta on a Testnet. I have faith they will work out these kinks. Once the Blockster UI (User Interface) loads, it's very slick and polished. Here's my Blockster referral link if you're curious about this crypto-powered social media platform running on the BXR token. Already, on Blockster? Let's connect.

NFT News

NFTs built on WAX are one of the hottest digital assets on the EOS blockchain and then combine some rascally raccoons and we have ourselves a win-win situation. This informative WAX article is by Paul Mihalache who's become the voice of NFT creators via his weekly NFT Breaking News and his Twitter account. Stay in the know by checking out PVM's must-read series about NFTs, artists, and WAX. You can also win stuff on NBN since he's always partnering up with NFT artists and doing giveaways. I've landed a few NFTs by reading the NBN and by participating in the comments. How about you?

If you're a regular on Publish0x or, then I'm sure you've read something by TrocProcLock. He recently posted a reflective piece on the crypto life where he shared great wisdom. He's also been very generous this past year by dropping many free NFTs to the Publish0x and communities. The TrocProcLock collection is on Atomic Hub. As a result, I'm the proud owner of many of his NFTs! Follow TrocProcLock on P0x or join his channel for the latest news on his NFT collections.

Here's a first in the metaverse where you can own the NFT and gallery.

Crypto Contests, Past and Present

Help Finney go global by participating in a Cryptowriter print contest. The awesome prize pool has lots of NFTs to be won. The contest ends August 22, 2021. I was lucky to win a Genesis Finney Coin back in April. According to Atomic Hub, that NFT coin is currently worth $94 in WAX! Renoise this contest.

Hey, check it out. I won $20 of Ethereum by participating in a recent Publish0x SwapSpace contest. The announcement from P0x was made here. Congratulations to all the SwapSpace winners!

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