What Cryptocurrency has taught me about life!

By TrocProcLock | My other Passions | 10 Aug 2021

I came into this space relatively new. I knew of Crypto and the Bitcoin Pizza story and all that. But when I decided to come into crypto it was this vast space that I knew nothing about. It was like moving to a new country as a kid and starting High School and not knowing the language or lingo or what I was supposed to do.

Along the way I have learned a lot about Crypto and various tokens and coins. I learned a lot about mining and Play-2-Earn. I could go on an on but that isn't what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about is the things Crypto has taught me from my day to day life.

Time Management

Having Fun

Writing Skills

What I can control

Time Management:

If you have been around for even a short period of time then you should know there is never a shortage of crypto related things to do to earn Crypto. You could blog here on Publish0x or Read.Cash, you could play Alien Worlds, RollerCoin, Splinterlands, Rising Star, the list goes on. The problem that I ran into more times then I care to admit is trying to do too much. There are only so many hours in one day. And during those 24 hours, I need to eat, sleep, be a father/husband, do my 9-5 job and then house stuff. Then after all of that is done I can do Crypto related things. 

I have been made aware of a new crypto game that looks promising. I think I can start playing it but not realizing that I am already over committed to the other 20 things I got going on in the crypto space. I have had to prioritize what I want to do, what makes me the most crypto and what I like to do. And that isn't always the easiest decision to make. 

For example when I first started playing Kolobox's it was very lucrative to play. I could earn a lot of NFT's and KBUCKS from the game but then they started to change the dynamic of the game so you don't earn as much and it takes longer to play. So I had to stop playing it as often. Now I check on it about once a week to collect my items and start them on new missions.

Alien Worlds is a game I play throughout the day pretty consistently because it is quick and easy to play and I earn a decent reward for my time. I am not going to get rich off of it but I am going to earn some TLM to trade into WAX.

I have started to look at my day in the 24 hours it holds. I have 24 hours in a day and how much time do I really want to invest into Crypto. I know some people around here spend all day doing crypto related things and they earn a whole lot more than me and that's okay. There are other people who spend less time in the crypto space than me and earn more than me and that is okay too. I had to come to terms with the amount of time I spend and what I spend that time on and be okay with it. (more on that in section 2 "Having Fun").


I like to plan my day out and my week out now. I don't put a structured schedule into place but I do give myself guidelines and it let's me have a good balance. I am remolding my house by myself so I know I have to set aside time to do that and not just be behind my computer all day. I also know I can't just blog and make NFT's all day because I have my job to do and my kids to look after. So I have to carve out specific time to make a new NFT and carve out time when I am going to sit down and blog.

That process has helped me in other areas. I am starting to plan more things out as well. A great example is mowing my yard. It takes me about 1.5 hours to mow, trim and clean up. So instead of walking outside one day and realizing my lawn is super tall ands needs to be cut asap, I know watch out for it and can recognize that in a day or two I will need to mow. That way I can fit it into my schedule before it gets to late. The same process can be applied to my house. If I know I need to drywall a room, and that the drywall mud needs 4 hours to dry I can plan to put a first coat in the morning then get to work and come back around lunch and eat lunch and do a second coat. 

I always struggled with time management as kid and in school. It was never my strong suite. And if I am being honest it's not my strong suite now either but I am getting a lot better at it. And that is purely from trying to juggle to many crypto games and projects and not being able to and having to sit down and focus on what I was doing and what I wanted to do.

Having Fun:

This will be different for some people or not apply to some people. But for me it is the essence of my crypto journey. I have said this a thousand times and I will say it once more because it matters in this instance. I did not invest any fiat money into my crypto journey. Everything I have (in crypto) I earned online by either blogging, playing games or airdrops. And because of that what I do with it changes.

I don't look at crypto as like a stock market where I need to make a better return on investment. The only investment is my time. So what return on investment could I get for my time. For some people it could be monetary return, while others could be joy. For me it's a little of both. Sure I want to amass millions of dollars of crypto. That would be awesome but I also know it's probably not going to happen. So for now I want to have fun on this journey. I want to enjoy my time here and I don't just mean playing fun games.


I used to play AAA games on my Xbox with my free time and I enjoyed it. All I got in return for it was a higher Gamerscore and bragging rights that I finished a game. That was fine for a while. However now I can earn crypto by playing games and if I enjoy the games that I play then it's a win win. I enjoy making NFT's and giving them out to people for free. Sure making NFT's has a terrible return on investment for me from a monetary standpoint but I have fun doing it and I get better at image editing the more I do it. 

The other huge thing is knowledge. The more I explore this crypto space the more I learn. And sure a lot of it can only be applied to crypto related things like proof of work versus proof of stake. But, I learn so much more too. I can't tell you how much I have learned from talking to people on Noise.Cash. Just having those random conversations on Noise has been a blast. And I earn BCH from doing it to.

If you are not looking at Crypto as your 401K and a stock market you need to have fun while doing it. You need to enjoy what you are doing or you are going to look back at it in 10 years and regret it. And each person's definition of "having fun" is going to be different. You could classify 'Having Fun' as making a ton of money and that cool. Or it could be making new friends and that's awesome. Whatever it is, you need to define it and go after it. Live your best life and bring Crypto along that ride!

Writing Skills:

This one is going to tricky because even after rereading this article before posting it I know there will be grammar errors in it. I am not perfect. And in the same breath I have gotten a lot better in my writing then I was 2 years ago. Writing was something I always loved to do. It was something I enjoyed. It was also not something I was amazing at either. But after writing on Publish0x for over a year, and writing on Noise, I have gotten a lot better. My written vocabulary has gotten better and my grammar as well. 


My typing skills are getting better. There were words that I couldn't type right the first time to save my life. I have gotten better and catching it and also typing them correctly the first time. I know it has helped me a lot when I write e-mail for work and type things up for work and even to send an e-mail to my family. The age old saying is "Practice makes perfect" isn't necessarily 100% true but I would wager it's 95% true.

What I can Control:

In the Crypto world you can't control the prices of any 1 token. There is no way you can know what the price of Ethereum will be 6 days from now let alone 6 months from now. I have had to learned that I need to back tokens that I believe in and everything will work itself out. If I know a token has a solid use case and a great team of developers who are constantly updating things then I know that the token has the best chances to rise in value over time. But even then it's not a guarantee.

Crypto is truly like a stock market. Prices will generally rise slowly but at any moment due to any outside force the prices could plummet. With that I have learned to not freak out over those prices fluctuations as it is not something I can control anyways. I can control what projects I put my time into. I can control what tokens I put my resources into. I can control what tokens I mine for. I can control what crypto games I play. There is zero point in freaking out over things I can't control and even have no say in the outcome.


FOMO is real and it can be a bitch. You need to keep your emotions in check and think clearly and act swiftly. I still remember when the FORTH airdrop happened I was absolutely freaking out. I wanted to offload my FORTH as soon as possible while the price was high before it tanked. I sold it off for ETH and then the price of FORTH kept rising. I didn't care at that point. I got free money and I was okay with my actions. It took me a while to get to that point in a lot of areas of my life. Things happen all the time in life and there is nothing we can do to change it yet a lot of us freak out over it. Why? If you made a bad choice and you regret it them okay. But choices other people make that you have no say in shouldn't totally effect your life and your emotions.

Just because we are online and messing around with Cryptocurrencies doesn't mean it is segregated from the rest of our lives. I try to better myself all the time and I am thankful that Crypto has helped me with that. Is there anything else crypto has helped you with? What did I miss?

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My other Passions
My other Passions

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