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By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 27 Jul 2021

For a couple of weeks, Publish0x conducted a SwapSpace Explained writing contest that ended on July 25, 2021. SwapSpace is an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows the exchange of over 500 coins and tokens.

I entered the contest by selecting to participate in the Mini #SwapSpaceExplained Twitter Giveaway.


A read a handful of the entries and learned so much from them. So I went meta and for those of you that follow me know that I like to do summaries of what I learn. Why not amplify the work of other Publish0x authors on social media? So instead of posting one Tweet, I composed and published a Twitter thread for the SwapSpace giveaway. According to Twitter, "sometimes we need more than one Tweet to express ourselves. A thread on Twitter is a series of connected Tweets from one person."

I'm going to include the contents of that Twitter thread and adapt it for this post.

For the SwapSpace P0x writing contest, bloggers were challenged by Publish0x and SwapSpace to share an article on one of the following #SwapSpace topics:

  • Review or experience
  • Comparison to competitors
  • Detailed guide
  • Pros and Cons

There were many great SwapSpace Explained entries were submitted. I'm going to highlight some of the ones I've read.

SwapSpace Lecture

As a former K-8 educator, I got a kick of the entry from PVM. Professor PVM proved that SwapSpace was not rocket surgery. You can attend his lecture where your crypto and blockchain IQ may increase.


From SwapSpace to Upland

SirGerardThe1st transitioned to Upland, the blockchain game, conveniently because of SwapSpace. "I decided then to try SwapSpace and swap the necessary $DASH for my operation in UPLAND."


SwapSpace Overview

Blogger MikeZillo presented a great overview of the SwapSpace platform where he covered:

  • Team
  • Mission
  • Affiliate Program
  • Roadmap


Crypto Dust, Be Gone

Feax21 solved the big problem of "crypto dust" many cryptocurrency users face by sharing his personal experience on SwapSpace. Like magic, "...(you're) able to move...idle dust funds by converting them into Bitcoin Gold."


There were many more great SwapSpace entries for this writing contest. You can explore them at the following P0x tags:

Here's my affiliate link if you decide to join SwapSpace.

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