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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of the Bitcoin network that has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency space. The fork, which began to receive attention from many in July 2017, was supported by the likes of Roger Ver, who believed that an increase in the block size limit was necessary. Until then, the crypto community was united in their vision of how Bitcoin should develop. Bitcoin, however, chose to take the SegWit route, which increased the number of transactions that could be processed without increasing the block size. The hard fork occurred on August 1 and BCH was officially live. Users who owned bitcoins owned the same number of Bitcoin Cash tokens. 

Bitcoin Cash has received much criticism regarding its approach to scalability, as well as for the fact that larger blocks require greater computing to be processed, which could lead to a handful of individuals or groups having more influence on the network. The approach to scalability remains the most significant difference between BCH and Bitcoin, and has been the subject of much discussion. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are identical in terms of their use case; it is the technicals that differentiate them.

Despite the controversy surrounding its creation and current development, Bitcoin Cash continues to command a lot of attention from investors and developers. While it takes it own approach to scalability, its overarching vision also holds “extensibility” as a key priority, the team’s way of describing the idea of allowing developers and businesses to easily build on the protocol.

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Coming Holy Eid Event or Bitcoin Cash Party?

16 hours ago 5 minute read 0 comments Dr.Zeshan

Introduction From three days I am still confused either it is Holy Eid event or Bitcoin Cash Party?.When you are BCH big fan,you half or more lost in its magical love.Here We have 29 Fasting and Eid event is Coming.My Friends And I who want to meet w...

Bitcoin Cash Argentina

17 hours ago 3 minute read 0 comments Pantera1

I have been covering lately a lot of locations where Bitcoin Cash is gaining in adoption levels and increasing userbase. More than often places where the national currency is failing merchants and consumers need an alternative to fiat. Argentina has...

Noise.Cash Is Getting Better With The New Updates!

11 May 2021 4 minute read 2 comments Eybyoung has gone through a lot of updates just to make the platform better and spam free. Spammers are really pain in the ass to our dear admin, due to this many updates and changes happens along the way since it was launched last December 24, 202... - 3 months of earning

11 May 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Colgate

Hi All, let me tell you a little story about Noise.Cash. As I was starting off on my journey to get back into crypto I stumbled onto Publish.Ox, I also at the same time stumbled onto, a microblogging site that hands out BCH tips to give us...

What is Bitcoin Cash? - An Introduction to the Most Awkwardly Named Crypto Since BlitCloin

11 May 2021 8 minute read 16 comments PopPopPrego

The Takeaway BitCoin Cash: Is a hard fork from BitCoin, spawned in 2017 Uses larger blocks and variable difficulty to process more transactions faster Has very low fees and very high processing speed comparted to BTC and ETH Is used a lot each day,...

Noise.Cash Got Rid Of Free Tips For Good - Here's What I Think

10 May 2021 4 minute read 17 comments Khazrakh

It's been some days now since got rid of their free tips for good. As I already mentioned in my last Play2Earn Report, I gave the new system some days before deciding whether I like the new system or not. Without giving everything away imm...

Modern Man is called Homo sapiens,Modern Currency is called Bitcoin cash

10 May 2021 5 minute read 0 comments Dr.Zeshan

Do you know?.Man evolved from bacteria and bitcoin cash evolved from shitcoin.What is reality of this evolution?. Let me explain two main postulates. Modern Man is Called Homo sapiens. Modern Currency is called bitcoin cash. What is Evolutio...

Why did I change my mind about BCH?

9 May 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Galaxie Crypto

For a long time I was a fierce opponent of Bitcoin Cash, I have now changed my mind about this cryptocurrency that I have long hated. Why didn’t I like BCH? Bitcoin cash comes from a fork (separation) with Bitcoin. I always thought it was a very bad...

Is too late to save BCH

9 May 2021 2 minute read 0 comments cryptonew

BCH is one of the best Altcoins that we have actually it's better than Bitcoin you should accept that. We can't deny that it's much faster and cheaper when it comes to transaction. And BCH for me is still undervalued as we know it might reach 10,000$...

Satoshi's Angels - BCH Merchant Adoption

9 May 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Pantera1

Merchant adoption is of utmost importance for the Bitcoin Cash network. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin Cash has reached very high numbers in transactions and the blockchain has performed exceptionally. In previous articles, I covered some o...