24 Feb: Week Recap

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Top Performing Assets (7 Days): $TRX 12.64% | $ETH 11.77% | $BNB 11.51% 


Happy Saturday Folks! Last week Bitcoin was up over $2K and as I type Bitcoin is trading at $51,597 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin was up only $792; week over week it's down $483 The best performing asset in the past 7 days was $BNB - up 6.51% in position #4 on Last weeks ago the Fear and Greed Index was at 76 and today it's 72.

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It's been a wild week price action wise with Bitcoin; stuck in a trading zone between $50K and $53K and maybe this week we will see it breakout? Most covered news of the week was all about the price of Ethereum as it broke $3K a couple of times and is now struggling to get back above it once again. There were a lot of really good Podcasts and I'd recomend listening to Pomp's Podcast with Jim Bianco - don't sell your Bitcoin to Wall Street. Reddit putting their excess cash into Bitcoin and Ethereum is a smart move. Well that is a wrap for me folks, until next weekend Be Smart. Be Safe. Stack Sats. HODL! 


Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $51,775.90 and the most covered news of the day was Edward Snowden called Bitcoin the "most significant monetary advance since the creation of coinage."(3)
Podcast of the Day: Why the Bitcoin Led Bull Market Will Be Different | The Breakdown

Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $51,968.00 and the most covered news of the day was Ethereum continued its strong run, pushing higher above $3K.(5)
Podcast of the Day: #1312 Jim Bianco | Wall Street REALLY Wants Your Bitcoin | TPP

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $51,512.80 and the most covered news of the day was Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson battling with Arthur Hayes about his demeaning comments about Cardano.(3)
Podcasts of the Day: How to invest in Everything Being Built On Bitcoin (This is Huge) | TWOAS

Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $51,234.80 and the most covered news of the day was Coinbase fighting for the $ETH ETF saying it's not a security.(3)
Podcast of the Day: #483: Bitcoin Is The 7th Largest Base Money In The World with Matthew Mežinskis | TFTC

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $50,983.80 and the most covered news of the day was Reddit following in the shoes of MicroStrategy and putting their excess cash into $BTC and $ETH.(4)
Podcast of the Day: The potential of new spot bitcoin ETFs has yet to be unlocked | The Scoop


Donald Trump appears to be softening his stance on Bitcoin but still says regulation is needed but what regulation?(6) It's already regulated by the CFTC and we now have ETFs with Spot Bitcoin, what more can you regulate? Carson Group is an RIA investment platform and they've approved the launching of Spot ETF products;(2) more buying pressure coming soon! The SEC is seeking comment on the Grayscale and Bitwise ETF options application. $540M worth of Bitcoin have been pulled from exchanges - can you say supply shocking incoming? A colossal purchase of Bitcoin was made earlier today, with a single wallet accumulating over 26,200 BTC at a price point of $51,000 per Bitcoin. Meanwhile, it appears that some believe the Fear and Greed index is signaling a possible sell off soon. As a result of the Faketoshi trial a lot of emails are coming out that we've never seen before from Satoshi and X is going wild over them. It appears Bitcoin as an investment was “dangerous” and touting its anonymity was “shady” said Satoshi; can outpace Visa. He also said fiat currencies breach people's trust.(7)

Why 21M $BTC

Some "smart" Ethereum Whale has dumped $21M worth of $ETH - I'd say the Whale is not that smart but what do I know? Mark Yusko believes $ETH could reach between $10-15K based on Bitcoin's performance. Justin Sun's wallet continues to accumulate $ETH to the tune of $41M as $ETH pops back above $3K. Indicators are pointing to an Altcoin rally coming soon. 

Outflows from Grayscale is slowing down with only $44.2M on Feb 23.

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