17 Feb: Week Recap

"Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure."
 –Meister Eckhart

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Top Performing Assets (7 Days): $TRX 12.64% | $ETH 11.77% | $BNB 11.51% 


Happy Saturday Folks! Last week Bitcoin was up nearly $5K and as I type Bitcoin is trading at $51,597 and for the week (M-F) Bitcoin was up only $2,096; week over week it's up $4,270 The best performing asset in the past 7 days was $TRX - up 12.31% in position #10 on Last weeks ago the Fear and Greed Index was at 74 and today it's 76.

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The bullish momentum has spilled over into yet another week and as it comes into focus, it appears that the ETFs were in fact a buy the rumor, buy the news event; that brief sell off was not the real deal. The money flowing into Bitcoin far exceeds what is bring produced on a regular basis and wil there will be some pull backs, I believe it's up only for the next year or so.

"21M Fixed Supply + Massive Demand (ETFs) = Number Go Up!" - Robert Breedlove

Most covered news of the week was all about the price of Bitcoin and Peter Thiel's Founders Fund investing $200M into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Well that is a wrap for me folks, until next weekend Be Smart. Be Safe. Stack Sats. HODL! 


Monday the price of Bitcoin closed at $49,924.40 and the most covered news of the day was Bitcoin continued to rally strong, nearing $51K(6)
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Tuesday the price of Bitcoin closed at $49,406.60 and the most covered news of the day was Peter Thiel's Founders Fund invested $200 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrating confidence in crypto.(6)
Podcast of the Day: #481: Bitcoin's Positive Influence On Power Markets with James McAvity | TFTC

By Wednesday (Humpday) the price of Bitcoin closed at $52,253.60 and the most covered news of the day was Bitcoin crossed $1T for the second time in history.(3)
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Right over the hump on Thursday the price of Bitcoin closed at $52,166.00 and the most covered news of the day was Bitcoin ETFs inflows in the past 4 days is larger than the first 4 weeks; $2.2B.(2)
Podcast of the Day: Why We Shouldn’t Trust BlackRock with Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin | WBD

As the week came to a close on Friday the price of Bitcoin closed at $52,020.20 and the most covered news of the day was CoinMetrics reveals that a 51% attack on Bitcoin would require 7 million mining rigs, making such attacks unfeasible due to high costs and a 34% takeover attempt on Ethereum liquid staking dapps would cost over $34 billion in ETH, requiring the attacker to spend $1 million.(3)
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Well it appears Gareth Soloway isn't alone, Thomas Kralow has declared that it’s time to short Bitcoin as he starts his 10X in 12 Months Crypto trading challenge. Miles Deutscher believes this time is different because the last run was fueled by leverage and this time it appears to be fueled by institutions; so who will be correct? Bitcoin mining difficulty surpasses 80 trillion amid halving anticipation. So it appears that Bitcoin will unlikely be able to hit all-time high before the halving. Buttttt..... Bitcoin whales have purchased over 100,000 $BTC in the last ten days, worth around $5B! 

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