23 Feb: $3B Options Expire!

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It's Frriiddaayyy Folks! Bitcoin is trading down at $51,208 and $3B options expire today so expect some wild volatility. Let's get on with the news...  


Last week, Bitcoin ETFs inflows in the past 4 days is larger than the first 4 weeks; $2.2B and Bitcoin and Ethereum were 51% attack proof.(3)  Yesterday, Coinbase begun fighting for the $ETH ETF saying it's not a security.(3) Today, Reddit is following in the shoes of MicroStrategy and is putting their excess cash into $BTC and $ETH.(4)

Bitcoin is reaching it's support once again around $50K as the #Bitcoin ETFs recover. BlackRock went from 0 $BTC to over 100 $BTC in just six weeks; it took MicroStategy years to do that. ETF accumulating Bitcoin and rate cuts could drive $BTC to unfathomable heights says Arthur Hayes. Jurrien Timmer is suggesting that $BTC could reach a $6T market cap. JPMorgan believes retail investors drove the price of $BTC in February. The BLOCK benefitted nicely by HODLing #Bitcoin; more companies will prob follow suit.(2)

Kraken argues that the SEC should drop it's case against it. A new scam circulating on Telegram allows the attacker to drain a victim’s crypto wallet without the victim needing to confirm a transaction, according to user reports and blockchain data.

Bitcoin & Politics

Rep. Emmer slams the OMB for using it's emergency powers to push miners to do the survey.(2) Donald Trump thinks Bitcoin will need to be regulated.(6)

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