22 Feb: Everything Ethereum

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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Bitcoin is trading down at $51,615 and is struggling to get back above $52K. Let's get on with the news...


Last week, Bitcoin crossed $1T for the second time in history(4) and it hit $52K; possibly $55.4K soon in the US and a new all-time-high in Japan.(2) Yesterday, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is battling with Arthur Hayes about his demeaning comments about Cardano.(3) Today, Coinbase is fighting for the $ETH ETF saying it's not a security.(3) 

$BTC is struggling to get back above $52K as 200 $BTC were sold by long-term holders but $ETH surged back above $3K. 2X leveraged Bitcoin futures by Valkyrie. Mike Novogratz believes the traditional market is coming for Crypto but believes $BTC could drop to $42K; Gold out Bitcoin is in! Pantera is projecting big numbers for Bitcoin but that will include DeFi and other things Maxis won't like. European Central Bank officials says the fair value of Bitcoin is zero.(3)

The Ethereum foundation has just announced nearly $1B in funding to increase ZK-Proof development for Ethereum. An Ethereum Whale woke up and moved $ETH that was purchased at .31! The $3K breakout was driving by dealer hedging.

Bitcoin & Politics

The Digital Chamber of Commerce believes Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown are trying to kill the entire Crypto industry.



Podcast of the Day: #483: Bitcoin Is The 7th Largest Base Money In The World with Matthew Mežinskis | TFTC

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