19 Feb: Snowden

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Happy Monday Folks! Bitcoin is trading up at $47,894.11. Over the weekend Bitcoin struggled a bit but I believe it found it's footing and is pushing higher once again. Today, Edward Snowden calls Bitcoin the "most significant monetary advance since the creation of coinage."(3) Not much news this morning since today is a holiday here in the US soooo... 

Last week the week the sentiment changed and $100K before the halving was the talk in the news and that has continued as more ANALyst are becoming bullish. Big news last Monday was NZ Gov saying that Stablecoins and Bitcoin could not be used mediums of exchange.

As the day turns more attention to flow to the Ethereum ETF and Bernstein predicts near certain approval by early 2025.(2) Meanwhile, Bitcoin ETFs are pulling from Gold ETFs. Bitcoin might become legal tender in Germany one day.


Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas believes Bitcoin has great growth potential and because there is a fixe supply people should buy it. 4,728 $ETH was burned. 

Bitcoin & Politics

Petty legislation can really impact the Crypto community but most of that will not do much to Bitcoin. Remember to keep up with all legislation visit George is keeping his finger on the pulse of Congress when it comes to Crypto legislation. 



Podcast of the Day: Why the Bitcoin Led Bull Market Will Be Different | The Breakdown



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