21 Feb: CrabWalking

"Ideas shape the course of history."
 –John Maynard Keynes

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Guess what day it is Folks? HUMPDAY! Bitcoin is trading up at $51,230 and after popping close to $53K it continues to trade in a very narrow range; as many have indicated on X - it's crab walking. It appears $51K is support and $53K is resistance, a break of either and I believe we will see some wild price action. Let's get on with the news...

Yesterday, Ethereum continued its strong run, pushing higher above $3K.(5) Today, nothing is trending so far and I will be traveling for a few hours and will be with clients the rest of the day so most likely will not be able to update until end of day.

Last week, Peter Thiel's Founders Fund invested $200M in Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrating confidence in crypto and Bitcoin crossed $1T in market cap for the second time in history and it remains still above that. 

Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to look bullish but navigating this market isn't going to be easy. Bitcoin Super HODLer wallets surge to record levels signaling bullish accumulation. Meanwhile it gets rejected once again from $53K leaving almost $300M in liquidations. USDC has stopped minting on Tron. Bitcoin Maxi Fred Krueger slams Ethereum for lack of adoption. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is battling with Arthur Hayes about his demeaning comments about Cardano.(4) 

Bitcoin & Politics

Fairshake, the Pro-crypto Super PAC, has received $4.9M from the Winklevii.(2) Matthew Diemer who is running for office in Ohio's 7th district is deploying AI to assist with his campaign. 



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