Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Exercise

Nintendo Wii Fit - Still A Great Exercise Routine

I originally purchased my Nintendo Wii console back in 2010 and to this day, I still use it to exercise regularly with the Wii Fit Plus game disc. I'm impressed the console continues to operate without any issues, especially with the balance board. I've pounded the balance board with my feet countless times and have never had any issues with it.

I tend to exercise for 30 minutes at a time, once a day, three to four times a week. Sometimes, I'll exercise a little more and other times, a little less such as during the summer months when I spend most of my time outdoors and working the garden which is in itself good, passive exercise.

I'll usually do 5 or 6 routines within my half hour crunch. My favorites are the 'Super Hoola Hoop', 'Basic Run / Jog', 'Bird's Eye Bulls Eye', 'Obstacle Course', 'Ski Slalem' and 'Soccer Heading'. I do play with other games but these ones are the ones I play the most.

Suer Hoola Hoop is a great way to build your chest muscles and also to strengthen your knees as they too are used extensively for this exercise. There are 3 settings you can play, three, six and ten minute regimens. I usually do the 6 minute but lately I've been pushing myself hard and doing the ten minute hoola hoop. You turn one way for five minutes and turn the opposite way for the final five minutes. I can tell you, my six pack is coming along nicely using this exercise.

The Basic Run also has three setting, short, long and Island Lap. I'll usually do the long or island lap and hold 2 pound weights / bars in my hands to help strengthen my arms, shoulders and upper body. While I have strong legs, I've always felt that my arms and shoulders were weak. Lately, I've graduated to using five pound dumbells. After a good, long jog (in my living room) after holding these weights in my hands, my arms and shoulders feel pumped up. This is a great way to strengthen your upper body muscles and tendons.

With the Bird's Eye Bulls Eye game, you flap your arms, 'flying' from landing target to landing target. This too has three game settings to allow you to graduate to the next level as you get stronger. This is another great exercise to strengthen your arms and shoulders. This game uses the balance board and tests you to strengthen your balance.

The obstacle course also uses the balance board and has two settings, beginner and advanced. This game requires you to run, jump and stop and go at precise times and is a great way to get your heart pumping.

Ski Slalem and Soccer Heading both use the balance board and really help to optimize your balancing skills. Overall, mixing these different exercises has helped me stay lean and in good shape. My breathing has improved substantially. I don't find myself out of breath anymore as I exercise.

One thing I've never kept track of is how many times I've played these games. Thankfully, the Wii console has been keeping track. I never realized just how many times over the years. I took this picture a few days ago. 

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Exercise Totals

There are other exercise games I'll play that didn't make it onto the list. The Wii Fit Plus comes with multiple games. It was revolutionary when Nintendo first introduced this product and it continues to produce good results to this day. After all, I recall spending about $1,000 for the whole system so might as well use it to its full potential!

I feel better. I don't get sick anywhere nearly as much as I used to. My balance is solid. The muscles and tendons all over my body have strengthened. My mind is sharp. It has a lot to do with regular exercise and of course, healthy eating habits. I don't have to drive back and forth to the gym, especially during the winter months. For me, it's a lot easier and cheaper to exercise at home and my Nintendo Wii console has been worth every penny. I'll continue to use it until it finally breaks.

Do you still use your Nintendo Wii for exercise? Which games are your favorites? Please share in the comments below, thanks.

Peace and love to everyone! 

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