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Couch Potato's Dream Come True - Earn TFuel Watching Theta TV

Theta tv is really catching on. Even FailArmy has their own streaming channel. Yes, you can earn TFuel while chilling and watching epic fail videos. One of my favorite channels is the NASA channel. As a newbie, my TFuel count is just getting started but I do already have 0.01760 TFuel in total. It's a tiny fraction so far but just imagine where that number will be say, a year or 5 years from now.

TFuel is the operational token of the Theta protocol and powers on-chain transactions. You can earn more as you share your bandwith with the Theta network as it is peer to peer, not centralized. Because of this, you can pick up a stream from another peer who is relatively near, allowing for quicker downloads and less interruptions, instead of connecting to a centralized server that might be thousands of miles away or on the other side of the world.

I plan on uploading videos to Theta and maybe do some livestreams.  For now, I'm more of an observer on Theta TV. I get a few laughs watching Mystery Science Theater and spent an hour yesterday watching the tail end of a poker tournament where the last man standing took home $100,000. Some people get paid to play poker. Why not get paid to watch TV?

There are many articles that go in-depth regarding Theta on PublishOx so I don't need to go into intricate detail explaining how it works. I will say that I believe Theta has a very bright future, especially after they recently signed a deal that brought Theta into the sports betting realm. Smart contracts are in the cards and will play a significant part in our lives going forward.

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