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MiracleTele - urgent update - financial troubles and staff losses.

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MiracleTele, the token-backed mobile telecoms operator has been sending some strange emails to its members over the past few weeks, including claims that the CEO had disapeared. It was hard to tell exactly what was going on.  A new message today aler...

Giveaway 50000 VID - VideoCoin Platform Sharing Economic

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Revolutionizing the massive video services market and I want you to be part of it! VideoCoin is developing a decentralized network that provides a cloud video infrastructure with video encoding, storage, and content distribution. Blockchain as a term...

My wallet here

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No, I am not updated if it comes to everything that goes on on this platform. So I have some questions for you. I am also not the one who shows up here daily (my internet connection doesn't allow me plus I have other things to do) and I am not watchi...