Eric King interview with Nomi Prins

Nomi Prins: Huge Money Flow To Gold, Silver, Mining Stocks In 2023

Eric King of KingWorldNews has just released a very good interview with Nomi Prins, author of the book, 'Permanent Distortions - How financial markets abandoned the real economy forever'. Her credentials speak for themselves.

Prins once worked as managing director for two years at Goldman Sachs, seven years as senior managing director as Bear Stearns, senior strategist at Lehman Brothers and as an analyst at Chase Manhatten Bank. Her 'insider knowledge' has led her to be a keynote speaker at the Federal Reserve, IMF and World Bank.

Her book, Permanent Distortions discusses the consequences on the unstable economy as the financial markets profit from social and political disorder. In her interview with Eric King, she discusses the rising FED interest rates, of which there have been 6 increases so far this year with another likely on the way next month on December 14. She expects the FED to 'pivot' by raising by 50 basis points instead of 75.

(See what's Mike Maloney has to say about the FED's rising interest rates. He believes rates are going much higher.)


What does this mean for hard assets as Eric King asks? Prins believes that as the FED pivots to a lower rate increase in December, it will create momentum for hard assets (hard money) and gold is at the top of the list.

We are already seeing clues of this as central banks around the world have bought some 399 tons of gold in the last quarter, something not seen since the 1960s, just before Nixon decoupled the U.S. dollar from gold. With all this gold buying, one should ask, 'Are central banks preparing to revalue gold?'.

Prins says that in her research, gold and gold miners are a play for the end of the year and into 2023 and to expect silver to have a resurgence.

In case you haven't noticed, lithium is up, coal is up, uranium is up and oil went up this year but the only thing that still hasn't gone up.... is silver. It could very well end up being the 'play of a lifetime'. When you really take a closer look, you'll see that everything's gone up except silver.

It's just too obvious to pass up on now.

To listen in on this great interview, click the link below.

King World NEWS - 2023 Predictions: Nomi Prins - 2023 will see a huge amount of money flow into gold, silver and mining stocks.

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