Earn crypto without spending a single penny

Earn Crypto Without Spending A Single Penny!

The last decade has seen the rise of Bitcoin from fractions of a penny to almost $70,000 USD last November. Although its value has come down more than two thirds since then, it's still higher today at $20,472 than its previous all-time high of $19,716 set on December 16, 2017. For most people, buying even one Bitcoin is out of the question as it has become 'unaffordium'.

Most people though, aren't aware that a Bitcoin is divisible by one hundred millionths or one hundred million units called 'Satoshi or Satoshis'. Regular currencies only have two decimal places while a Bitcoin has 8. Higher units of Satoshis are being given names such as the 'Finney' (10 Satoshi) and the Bit (100 Satoshi / microBitcoin). There's also the milli, centi and desiBitcoin fractional.

This allows Bitcoin to be traded in very small amounts, raising its potential higher to be used as a daily medium of trade. Ten Finneys or 500 Satoshi is only worth about ten cents at the moment but what if we see the day when a Satoshi is equal to the USD? If Bitcoin goes to a million, as many have predicted, then those 500 Satoshi are now worth $5. May not seem like much but it's lot higher than 10 cents isn't it?

What I'm getting at is, we may have missed out on the original Bitcoin run but we certainly aren't late to the game as far as getting our hands on some Satoshi. They are worth fractions of a penny at the moment which allows us to purchase and add fractional Bitcoin to our wallets without going broke. While Bitcoin is certainly volatile with its wild price swings, there is good reason to purchase Bitcoin with all the uncertainty going on in the world.

What about those who simply don't have any disposable income to invest in cryptos but wish they did. Although I've purchased some Theta tokens last last year, I really don't have any more money to put into cryptos. Fortunately, I've found a few ways to earn crypto without spending a penny. If you're reading this article on PublishOx, then you've found one of those ways.

Bloggers on PublishOx earn tips from readers in the form of cryptos Ethereum and AMPL. I enjoy writing and sharing information and it's always nice when I receive tips (and 'likes') from readers. You're letting me know I'm doing a decent job. Many thanks to you for tipping me with Etherium and AMPL. I truly am greatful!

Now that we can ratchet up some Etherium and AMPL by blogging on PublishOx, how about we get our hands on some free Theta Fuel or TFuel tokens. All I had to do was download and install the Theta Edge Node, which I installed on an old computer I was otherwise not using anymore. Theta works via a decentralized network (see Theta TV). When people upload videos to Theta TV and my node picks it up, it will encode it to ensure users across just about any platform can view the video. Each time a process occurs, I earn about 0.1 TFuel. At the moment, I'm average ten occurrences daily and sometimes more. Since June, I've earned almost 150 TFuel so far. It was a slow start at first but lately, things have been really picking up. Is it the network growing bigger? Probably...

So now I got my hands on Etherium, AMPL and TFuel without spending a penny., but what about Bitcoin? Well, I found a way and although a bit tedious, really does earn me some free Bitcoin and so far, I've earned over 500 Satoshi using my cell phone. I'm talking about CrytoTab Browser.  There are times I'll completely ignore it because I'm too busy and other times when for days at a time, I'll focus on running the program on my phone to earn free Satoshi and last checked, I'm up 527 Satoshi. Small potatoes? For now, yes but the same can't be said for tomorrow. I'll take some free Satoshi, thank you. Give CryptoTab Browser a try and let me know how it works out for you.

I even saw and ad pop up on PublishOx this morning for MySocialVerse, a decentralized social network where you can earn free tokens for socializing. Looking around, there are definitely ways to earn free crypto. By doing so, I now have fractional Etherium, some AMPL tokens, TFuel and Bitcoin Satoshi without spending a single penny.

If I can do it, you can too.

Here's to a bright future!


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