Egon von Greyerz: 200X gold revaluation as global assets, liabilities collapse.

Egon von Greyerz - 'What A Beautiful Ponzi Scheme'

The founder and managing partner of Matterhorn Asset Management AG and Gold Switzerland, Egon von Greyerz has released a new article on and he describes in detail the financial system we find ourselves living in and what he foresees in the collapse of currencies worldwide (More on von Greyerz here).

He explains that from 2009 to 2019, central bank balance sheets increased by $13 Trillion. Then, there was the explosion of $23T money creation from 2019 to 2022 during the covid pandemic. That's a total of $36T of new debt that was brought into existence at or near zero interest and in some cases, as in the Eurozone and Japan, interest rates went negative.

Interest rates going negative was unprecedented and never happened before in our history. Now you know the source of where all this money (currency) came from and now the source is jacking up interest rates. Guess who's paying more for everything as a result? You and me.

Von Greyerz goes further and shows a stunning chart that appears like an upside down pyramid that shows derivatives and unfunded liabilities totalling $2 Quadrillion at the top, global debt at $300T in the middle and just $2T in gold at the very bottom. This amounts to just 0.1% of the total.

He mockingly calls this a 'beautiful ponzi scheme'.

To me, that screams "BUY GOLD" but personally, I scream "BUY SILVER". The silver to gold ratio is still an amazing 83:1 while the historical ratio is 15:1 or less. We have used up so much of the silver in industry that silver is now much more scarce than what we are led to believe, I believe.


Egon von Greyerz questions whether the USA has the 8,000 tons of gold it says it has while remarking how China, Russia and the BRICS countries have all been stockpiling gold. They went on a cumulative gold buying spree in the last quarter. 399 tons of gold was purchased by central banks around the world, the biggest cumulative purchase since the late 60s. He suspects they have even more.

Remember, he deals with high end clients and can see where some of the gold is going.

He goes on to write that we must face the consequences of the last 50 years such as defaults, bubble collapses, geopolitical conflict, food shortages and hyperinflation followed by deflation. I suppose that will also include a real estate collapse and riots. He points out how every currency that has ever existed has eventually gone to zero and shows some great graphs and depictions in his great article.

He suggests  gold revaluation exceeding 200 times! At the present price of $1,750, that would put the price of gold at $350,000 an ounce. I, myself suggested in a previous post that gold would have to exceed $120,000 to cancel the U.S. debt. Still, Von Greyerz doesn't believe in a lasting formal reset with a new currency system backed by gold. They would be starting the system all over again (entrapping us again).

There's much more in Egon von Greyerz' latest article. I recommend you give it a read. Link is below.

Greyerz just made these terrifying predictions for the world heading into 2023.

Peace and love to everyone.


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