Electroneum (ETN)

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Electroneum (ETN) is a blockchain-based payments solution that is concentrating on the mobile payments space. Launched in 2017 by Richard Ells, Electroneum targets an often mentioned demographic in the context of cryptocurrencies: the unbanked. The Electreneum team says that they are on a mission to “unlock the global digital economy for millions of people in the developing world.”

Electroneum implements Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) processes, and puts an emphasis on compliance. The blockchain is a soft fork of the Monero blockchain, and had early roots in online gaming and gambling use cases, though it is now strictly focusing on digital payments.

Electroneum also launched an $80 smartphone earlier this year, one that rewards users in cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the Electroneum team has released a mobile mining app that lets smartphone users mine ETN tokens. 

2019 has already seen several milestones complete, including the launch of an iOS app, cloud mining for both Android and iOS, successful atomic swaps and a fork to a Proof-of-Responsibility blockchain. The rest of 2019 and 2020 is expected to bring full instant payments, a gig economy website and a vendor directory. 

Two Mobile Mining Apps That May Not Be As Silly As You Think

5 days ago 3 minute read CryptoScrimper $0.28 tipped

As time goes on, I pay more and more attention to the Pi network being developed by two Stanford PhD's and a master's graduate, all of whom have played a vital role in developing Stanford's blockchain culture. Because it's a mobile 'mining' app, and...

ETN / BTC technical analysis [HUOBI]

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ETNseen from the 1W temporality we can observe how the price 1 month ago broke up the descending wedge causing an impulse of 4 bullish candles, the previous candle managed to close above the resistance located at 0.00000048, indicated in the char...

Is Electroneum Really Worth "Mining?" Blockchain Inventor Weighs In

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The first thing you may notice about the title of this article, are the quotation marks around 'mining.' That's because mining Electroneum on your phone isn't really mining. It's simulated mining. Now Electroneum is calling it cloud mining because yo...

How to mine cryptocurrency on mobile phone for free?

30 Aug 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.25 tipped

There are very few cryptocurrency that can be mined on mobile phones Specifically on Andriod and Ios operating devices Among them Electroneum is one that can be mined on mobile phone using their mobile miner Electroneum is a cross border payment proj...

Electroneum partners with New Ngo Miner

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read CryptoArgha $0.07 tipped

Crypto backed Merchant and micro payment tech Electroneum recently announced news about their newest partner Electroneum is a minable cryptocurrency and they recently signed a contract with another mining firm to help their mining process grow even m...

Electroneum Technical Analysis (08/17/2019)

17 Aug 2019 2 minute read zulonga $0.93 tipped

[translated by my own post in portuguese] This post is intended to make a brief technical analysis of the Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency. We will summarize the market reaction since its launch and a graphical analysis on etn's tradingview against B...

What is electroneum

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[translated by my own post in portuguese] What is electroneum? Electroneum (ETN) is a cryptocurrency created in 2017 for mass adoption to bring people who don't know blockchain technology into this world. Global vision Analyzing the global socioecono...

Electroneum The Big App earn Cripto free

11 Aug 2019 1 minute read lancelot7 $0.06 tipped

Hello already know the app electroneum she mines virtual coins with it you mine for free in cloud to etn just download the app in playstore then create and confirm your account takes less than 2 minutes done this you click start miner payments are ma...

Earn Phone Crypto

5 Aug 2019 2 minute read Jeffrey Allen Kaufman $0.33 tipped

Phone Mining Crypto?My Top 3 Apps I’ve been a fan of phone mining ever since I discovered ETN Electroneum. Since then, I’ve tried every phone mining app I can get my hands on.This is my list of the best phone mining apps I actually use on my smartpho...

Do you hope ETN back to 1400 SAT?

29 Jul 2019 1 minute read Okane Satoshi $0.30 tipped

Electroneum (ETN) PRICE CHART  From the start 0.00001400 BTC down to the recent day price chart 0.00000047 BTC As of July 29, 2019 I bought Electroneum (ETN) during ICO: I bought 1889.8 ETN it's only $18.898 USD and I sold it at 0.155637 and I got 1...


28 Jul 2019 3 minute read Jeffrey Allen Kaufman $1.77 tipped

Some laugh at ETN, and then some embrace it.  There seems to be a fold in the Crypto space and time continuance factor when people discuss Electroneum. Is it a novelty or a real coin of importance? In my opinion, ETN has a ton of promise and has pla...