ETN Everywhere - Shaping the Future of Online Marketplaces through Blockchain and Crypto

By Edward Moon | Analysis From Moon | 8 Jun 2021

Financial markets and e-commerce have evolved a great deal following the rise of cryptocurrencies and digital ecosystems. Today, there exists multiple digital marketplaces that connect merchants and prospective customers from all over the world. One such global network is ETN everywhere - this cooperative marketplace brings together merchants and clients, enabling them to transact under one umbrella. 

The ETN everywhere marketplace leverages blockchain technology and a native cryptocurrency dubbed ‘ETN’ to power operations within the platform. This digital ecosystem is among the upcoming marketplaces with services ranging from mobile top-ups to making utility payments. So far, the ETN everywhere service has facilitated millions of blockchain transactions and enjoys presence in over 160 countries. 

A Cooperative Marketplace 

As mentioned earlier, the ETN everywhere marketplace builds a foundation for merchants and customers to interact seamlessly. The project’s crypto powered mobile application allows customers to make ETN payments to listed merchants. This can be done from anywhere in the world including African countries like Uganda where the ETN service is already making in-roads. 

Apart from facilitating payments, ETN designed a digital marketplace that offers additional resources to both merchants and customers. The former can access support tools such as e-commerce plugins, ready-to-print posters and social media templates for their online businesses. 

“The platform provides users with a range of invaluable resources that helps businesses succeed, including personalized store posters, professional social media templates, and the latest e-commerce plugins,” - Laura Johnston, the ETN everywhere project lead. 

As for the clients, this cooperative marketplace offers them an opportunity to select their preferred merchants from the ETN application. Ideally, users can deploy the search tool to find a specific merchant whose business/service is listed on the merchant app. Once they have found a suitable merchant, ETN users can proceed to make payments in the native crypto asset. 

The ETN everywhere ecosystem incentivizes its users through a rewards program. Both merchants and customers have the opportunity to spend and earn ETN tokens while operating within this digital marketplace. They also have the option of converting their ETN tokens to a local currency via supporting crypto exchanges. 

The ETN AnyTask Platform 

With the growth of the gig economy, digital freelance marketplaces have become international hubs for employers and job seekers. The ETN AnyTask platform aims to further enhance this burgeoning niche by providing an environment where freelancers can sell their digital services to prospects across the world. Some of these services include programming, content creation, designing, editing and translation amongst others. 

While such marketplaces have existed in the past, the likes of ETN AnyTask are set to change the game through blockchain and native cryptocurrencies. This service eliminates the need for a bank account for one to be paid or make payments. Freelancers who sell their services receive their ETN payments into an online wallet provided by the platform.

Merchants on ETN AnyTask also enjoy a wide range of benefits which include access to new customers. This freelance digital marketplace allows merchants to view thousands of tasks that are listed on the platform. In doing so, they can spend their earned ETN tokens to purchase freelance services that suit their needs. It is also quite noteworthy that ETN AnyTask allows buyers to make payments in credit or debit cards, although this is deposited to the seller's account in ETN. 

The Future of Digital Marketplaces

As the world evolves, more industries are becoming interconnected. Some of the leading examples include financial markets and the service industry where ETN everywhere plays a role in linking merchants and clients. Over time, it is likely that more businesses and individuals will pivot to such online ecosystems given their flexibility and ease of use in today’s world.

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