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Coin Hunt World: Guide for Maximizing Value in the Auction House

13 Sep 2021 11 minute read 0 comments ToucanTeemonty

Hi Hunters!There have been several important developments in Coin Hunt World since my last post, but I want to dedicate one of the game-changing features: the Auction House (AH). The AH allows hunters to sell and buy cubie blueprints, cubies, and oth...

Coin Hunt World - Pokémon Go meets Crypto!

30 Jul 2021 9 minute read 13 comments TrocProcLock

 We all know Pokémon Go. It took the world by storm back in the day. This article isn't about Po'Go but a game that is just like it but better! Enter Coin Hunt World! This game is a mobile game that is currently available on Android and is in the pr...

Coin Hunt World: Let's Strategize - Part 2

25 Jul 2021 8 minute read 0 comments Brien McCurdy

After writing the first post Coin Hunt World: Let's Strategize, I realized there were a few really good points I left out. If you haven't read the first post, I highly suggest you go back and read through as there are some good ideas that can help yo...

Coin Hunt World: Let's Strategize

17 Jul 2021 11 minute read 7 comments Brien McCurdy

  In one of my other posts I talked about how I found a game called Coin Hunt World and did a test to see how much crypto I could earn in a month with little effort. Since then, I've talked to others that have played the game longer, listened to thei...

Coin Hunt World (CA/USA) - Getting Started

25 Jun 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Korlithiel

Now nearly two months in, still loving going for a couple of daily walks with my infant and playing Coin Hunt World. The game is made by Titanium Toaster, and currently seed funded and so in loss mode while building out the game and getting the parts...

Coin Hunt World (CA/USA) - Earnings to date and a quick guide

13 Jun 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Korlithiel

I've been playing Coin Hunt World for over a month now and I'm excited for the pending full release (now pending Apple's approval). New iOS users have to install TestFlight, then the app, then use a link to get the buddy benefits. 0.00131741 Bitcoin...

Play Coin Hunt World!

11 Jun 2021 1 minute read 5 comments anakura

Coin Hunt World is a free to play, geo-location based mobile game similar to Pokémon Go. Users earn Bitcoin and Ethereum by walking around the real world to find keys and opening vaults by correctly answering trivia questions. There are more ways to...

Join me on a crypto hunt, Pokémon Go style, in Coin Hunt World!

21 Mar 2021 2 minute read 2 comments Chev Chelios

I’ve been collecting crypto for quite a while now. I’m always on the hunt for decent faucets, airdrops, promotions and yes, games to receive free crypto. Who doesn’t love free coin?! Crypto games have gained a lot of popularity lately. Coin Hunt Worl...

The best way to earn cryptocurrency and have fun!

19 Jul 2021 1 minute read 0 comments potatoclump

If you have ever played Pokémon Go, you know how addicting it can be to walk around your city and hunt for little treasures.  If you have played Pokémon Go before, you know how addictive it is to roam your city and hunt for small treasures. I recentl...