Coin Hunt World. Play-to-Earn App Review.

Play-to-Earn App Review: Coin Hunt World!

By Valdyr | Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps | 3 Nov 2022

I stumbled into the Play-to-Earn (P2E) Crypto App realm awhile back through one game: Coin Hunt World! I discovered the game a bit under two years ago when I was looking for a replacement for the now-defunct Wizards United. (For those of you who aren't familiar with that game, it was essentially the Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go.) I missed being able to gamify my daily hikes and walks about town, so Coin Hunt World seemed like a great replacement to WU with the added bonus of earning crypto while on the move.

Coin Hunt World Cubie.

Unlike some other P2E phone apps, virtually all of the game play for Coin Hunt World is done while moving about in the real world. The basics of this Move-to-Earn app has you interacting with vaults on the game app while moving about town by opening them and answering trivia questions to earn crypto and in-game resources. (The game actually has some much deeper options and strategies to employ as it grows. There's currently no in-game play-through instructions, so the best way to fully immerse yourself in gameplay options is to browse the wonderful player-created Coin Hunt World wiki for more details.)

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What You'll Need to Play Coin Hunt World

  • To Withdraw: US and Canadian players will need to use Uphold to withdraw their crypto from the game. (Other countries will be using different wallets, with withdrawal abilities coming soon to those players.)
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Coin Hunt World is available on Android, as well as through Testflight for Apple. (Some older Android phones are not compatible; check the wiki and the Discord server for details. Also, Apple Testflight accounts are in short supply, so check back frequently for an opening if none are currently available.)

Payout Information for Coin Hunt World

  • Crypto Reward Options: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and occasionally other tokens during special events.
  • Payout Minimum: $10 or more in current market price for each individual token.
  • Payout Schedule/Frequency: Snapshots are taken of your balances on Wednesday, and deposits are made on Thursday for any token balance at or above $10.
  • No gas or withdrawal fees.

Pros of Playing Coin Hunt World

  • No Ads. No, really. Absolutely no ads, and no plans to add them.
  • Committed player community. In addition to some very active Discord servers (both global and local), plans are now in the works for the first ever Coin Hunt World Fest, scheduled for early 2023 in Vegas. There are also several fan created resources to help make your gameplay more strategic; in addition to the Coin Hunt World wiki mentioned above, there's also a player-maintained Coin Hunt World map where players can scope out hunting grounds outside of their immediate area.
  • Gameplay remains fresh with seasonal special events. In addition to earning event-specific resources to help players build out the Cubieverse, Coin Hunt World also incorporates event quest lines to help keep the game exciting and challenging. And don't forgot the occasional events offering special crypto payouts, which in the past have included Dogecoin and others.
  • High value payouts AND high entertainment value. To date, Coin Hunt World is still my most lucrative play-to-earn crypto game, as well as one of the most enjoyable. If you're only going to pick one game or app out of all of the platforms I'll be reviewing over the next few weeks, this is definitely the one to go with.

Do you play any Play-to-Earn smartphone apps that you'd like to recommend? Please be sure to drop your suggestions in the comments (don't forget to include your affiliate links or codes if applicable!) to let me know which apps you're enjoying and earning the most!

Cons of Playing Coin Hunt World

  • Slight bias towards urban players. By nature of the metaverse aspect of the game, players who live in large cities have a modest advantage due to the sheer amount of available vaults within walking or driving distance. That's not to say playing in suburban or rural areas is impossible; I live in the 'burbs and have placed a majority of my Uservaults along my favorite hiking trails to maximize my earnings every day that I head out to hike. Players can also work together to create hunting grounds in public spaces like parks and shopping areas by placing all of their Uservaults in a close formation. So there are still plenty of opportunities to play and earn with this game regardless of where you live, as long as you put a little planning into it.
  • Recent Nerfs. For those who have played CHW for a bit, we've seen vault payouts cut twice in the past year or so: once, when the payout from blue system vaults was dropped from $0.10 to $0.02 (blue Uservaults remain unchanged), and again when drops went to the 3/3/3 system. (Instead of receiving BOTH crypto and in-game resources, you now receive either crypto, or resources, or the chance to pick one or the other.) While watching payouts decrease somewhat overtime is disappointing from one perspective, on the other hand CHW is still by far the highest paying P2E game I've seen out there.
  • Moderate amount of battery drain & slight overheating risk. CHW isn't what I would consider a huge resource hog, but I have noticed it runs down my battery faster than most other apps on my phone. I also ran into some overheating issues twice over the last year while hunting during the summer, so be sure to hunt with plenty of shade and/or air conditioning if you'll be going for a long hunt.

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Summary of Coin Hunt World

At the end of all of my app reviews, there are two questions that go hand-in-hand: "Is it worth it?" and "Is it fun?" The answer to both for Coin Hunt World is an enthusiastic yes. While you won't make a fortune playing this or any other play-to-earn mobile app (see my introductory blog post about realistic income expectations from P2E games), as I mentioned above this is still by far the most lucrative crypto game I've found so far. Even with just a modest amount of playing each week, I tend to receive a $10+ payout about once a month. Players who are more active are still easily able to receive a payout each week.

I've also mentioned that the Move-to-Earn aspect of the game is what originally brought me to the game, and that gameplay is what keeps this app fresh and exciting every time I'm out on a hike or exploring around downtown. 

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