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My name is Haroro, and I've been playing the Play2Earn mobile crypto game, Coin Hunt World, for 15 months now! It's a fun geolocation game, very similar to Pokémon Go! Instead of hunting Pokémon in the wild, you go around hunting vaults for free crypto!

I love playing this game and have decided to start sharing my journey and experience with it! Through this blog, I hope to provide some relevant information, such as news and development updates, as well as some personal thoughts on my gaming experience and some earning reports.

That's it for now; I'll see you in the next article! In the meantime, if you're interested in discovering more about Coin Hunt World, use my referral links below to receive some in game goodies, or check out the official website at


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Haroro's Hunter's Lodge in Coin Hunt World
Haroro's Hunter's Lodge in Coin Hunt World

A blog dedicated to the news, updates, and my personal experience with the crypto game, Coin Hunt World.

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