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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

COIN App and Coin Hunt World

Two Apps I like for getting some pocket change here and there. 


The first one is COIN App.

Coin main screen

COIN App lets you ean actively and “passively.: It collects your geo data to earn you coin. You can then save up the coin. After earning a minimum of 10,000 coin you can then trade it in for XYO. The amount fluctuates according to the market. You can also trade it in for other items or “prizes”. 


There are many ways to earn within the COIN app. The main way to earn is by having it track you driving data. You can select where you want to drive, have it running while you drive and collect geomines along the way. When you get to your destination you can then collect your drop when you get there. If you are a passenger you can also watch video/ad options along the way to earn more. You can also watch videos and ads when sitting around to earn some coin or playing games from the mental exercise.


You can also earn coin for doing physical activity, open exploration or playing 5 different games in the mental exercise. 


Some other small ways to earn are by witnessing geomines, see what big geo mines others have earned, getting Bonus Drops once a week, HODL rewards (yield) for keeping coin on the app or having XYO in select exchanges. 


There are a few more ways such as surveys and games etc. that a lot of sites seem to have something similar to.


The second app that I like to use is Coin Hunt World. 


With this one as you are out and about, walking around you click on a nearby vault, answer a question and if correct, you earn either BTC or ETH. 


You start off by building a home base and then every 8 hours you can open a box and get keys. You use these keys to open the blue level vaults. There are several different levels of vaults and each higher tier gets you a higher earning. To get the higher vaults you need higher level keys that you get by merging lower level keys. You can also make user created vaults that earn more than a basic vault but less than a second level or green vault.


To earn more you can also switch to Hunter Mode that gives you a time limit to answer the question but you earn more if you answer correctly. 


There are some other things you can do like unlock new outfits for your cubie that represents you on your map and shows up on vaults that you can create. You can unlock NFT blueprints as well. 


I enjoy both  of these apps and they won’t make me rich or replace my day job but can help put fuel in the tank or pay for a lunch once in a while. 


I plan on doing follow ups on both of these  going into more detail. 


Thanks for stopping by and reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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My thoughts on crypto and finance

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