Restorative Yoga Sequence - 1 hour video recording

Restorative Yoga Sequence - 1 hour video

Hello everyone!

Regularly getting into a deep state of relaxation is key to managing -and surviving- stress.

Restorative Yoga is a modality that guides us into relaxation and activates the parasympathetic nervous system and the rest, digest, and restore modes.

Today I am offering you a 1-hour restorative yoga sequence.

This video is part of my 300hr yoga teacher training journey.

Yoga has helped me to find focus, reduce anxiety, and to connect with myself and I would love to help other people find balance in their lives, so I started a yoga teacher training, and I am sharing with you the videos I am recording for my 300hr practicum hoping they help someone.

Hope you enjoy the sequence.

Please share it with anyone you feel could benefit from it.

Be well and have a great day, full of good thoughts, good words, and good feelings!

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Cathartic writing. Letting it all out. Life is too sad to be serious.

Surviving our mental states
Surviving our mental states

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