Is Arbitrage with Lightning-Speed possible?

Is Arbitrage with Lightning-Speed possible?

By SolarEclipse | SolarEclipse | 6 Jul 2020

The short answer is: YES!

As soon Stakenet's DEX will be released for public, Arbitrage-Trades with Lightning-Speed in the crypto-sector will be possible for everyone!

Until now running arbitrage, bots and aggregators were a complicated scenario to get working alongside DEX’s and also CEX's. A cross exchange arbitrage requires instant trade settlements to work correctly. As the traditional model uses Atomic Swaps or just ordinary accounts on different exchanges, these rely on standard blockchain confirmations. The DEX of Stakenet uses the Lightning Network and allows us to have instant settlements (via Lightning-Network).


With Stakenet’s API the user can connect into any exchange that offers the use of API's for trading like Binance, Livecoin, KuCoin, Bittrex, etc and bridge the gap. This will allow them to trade effectively from the exchanges orderbooks to the Stakenet DEX orderbook. Because a user is able to execute trades on the Lightning-Network, it will be possible to buy low on Exchange A and sell high on Exchange B.

As you don't have to move funds to and from the participating exchanges and wait for the confirmations, users can execute such trades almost instantly.

The stunning result is:

Arbitrage with Lightning-Speed !!!


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