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Stakenet Dev October Update

18 Oct 2020 2 minute read 2 comments SolarEclipse

Since my last post about this very exciting project, some goals on the roadmap have been implemented. This time Devs have not only worked on the Lightning-DEX, but also on the backend within the core wallet. Core Wallet The Dev-Team has released a ne...

Get free ZEN with Blox Jump Game

6 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment SolarEclipse

Blox Jump I stumbled upon this very nice game where you can win some Zentoshis (ZEN). The amounts are not huge, but about 4x more than they pay with their ZEN faucet on the same site. Gameplay The game looks stunning...

Stakenet DEX Open Beta announced!

27 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Stakenet DEX Open Beta announced! Much progress has been made in the development of the first Second-Layer Lightning-DEX and therefor the Stakenet Dev-Team has announced now the official open beta of the Stakenet Light Wallet and DEX! The timing is p...

The story behind my Monday-Mix

27 Aug 2020 2 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Since 2009 I have broadcasted over 80 mixes of my Monday-Mix. In this post I explain how I started to broadcast my mixes and what circumstances let me to choose Mondays to mix and broadcast?    Technical interests At the end of 2009 I was experimenti...

Listen to Monday-Mix by manuell #080 (with free download-code for Publish0x Readers)

13 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Monday-Mix by manuell #080 As we go further in time, I'm crawling backwards in my archive of my Monday-Mixes. My goal is to upload to all the "Best-of" Monday-Mixes, which I have mixed and broadcasted in the last decade. So, this mix I re...

Stakenet (XSN) is now listed on Beaxy

7 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Stakenet (XSN) is now listed on Beaxy! As the beta tests of the new Multicurrency Lightning Wallet are progressing very well, there are great news for people who want to buy or trade XSN with fiat. Until yesterday, Stakenets XSN was tradable only on...

Is Arbitrage with Lightning-Speed possible?

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

The short answer is: YES! As soon Stakenet's DEX will be released for public, Arbitrage-Trades with Lightning-Speed in the crypto-sector will be possible for everyone! Until now running arbitrage, bots and aggregators were a complicated scenario to g...

What you need to know about Stakenet's DEX Liquidity Aggregator

29 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

In my last post about Stakenet, I presented to you how this project is changing the DEX-Sector. Stakenet is developing the first state of the art and fully decentralized DEX, built-in their Multicurrency Light-Wallet, which executes trades via Light...

Listen to Monday-Mix by manuell #001 - How everything started

4 Jun 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Monday-Mix by manuell #001   My very first Monday-Mix by manuell #001, live mixed the 25th of December 2008. This mix-series exists now for more than a decade! Wow! Listen now, how this series has started. I will tell you the long story about Monday...

Listen to Monday-Mix by manuell #082 (with free download for offline listening)

15 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments SolarEclipse

Monday-Mix by manuell #82   Now you can listen to my newest Monday-Mix by manuell #82, live mixed and broadcasted on the 17th of February 2020 from the beautiful island La Gomera to the platform. It's a very calm mix for all electronic...


Stakenet Dev October Update

18 Oct 2020 SolarEclipse

20 October 2020
There is steady progress, month by month. I hope they can launch the DEX with full ERC-20 Token support till then. ;)

Whale Wallet Analysis - UNI 

24 Sep 2020 D3F1

24 September 2020
I'm just a Guppy fish... ;) Thanks for your work!

Smells like liquidation of shorteners...

25 Aug 2020 toofasteddie

25 August 2020
just signed up to hive with your referal link ;)

Different kinds of staking

7 Aug 2020 yanis

07 August 2020
There is also TPoS, Trustless Proof of Stake, invented and used by Stakenet. For TPoS you need a Merchant or you set up a Merchant-Node by yourself. The Merchant want's some fees to maintain his infrastructure. Pros: - Staking is possible with a cold wallet (soon with Ledger and Trezor too) - You have the private key - No lock time - It's trustless and secure Cons: - You have to deal with a merchant because of the fees - You have to find a merchant with a good uptime - If you do it by yourself, you have to pay for a VPS

What We Give Away When We Give Cash Away

5 May 2020 acesontop

06 May 2020
Very good article! I hope at least some cryptocurrencies can replace cash if it disappears at one time.

The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

27 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 April 2020
Tomorrow I will test a setup with rollers that alternate after every roll (another way of 50/50). This will ensure that every roller is rolling the same amount of high/low. At the moment it could be that a roller hits more often the 250ms error than another. ;)

The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

27 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 April 2020
The roller setup is even, 50/50. I checked this more than once. Do you end-up sometimes with a positive overall balance after for example 30000 rolls, just with the rolls without the earnings from the challenges?

The REAL Coinpot Roller Trick with PAYMENT PROOF

27 Apr 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 April 2020
I cannot confirm that Coinpot has a truly 50/50 win chance. Profit overall over all tabs never went to the positive side, always negative. Testing it now over 1 week with 30000 rolls and more.

Why Investing Today In DEX Protocols Will Be Very Profitable (With 3 Examples)

21 Apr 2020 yourmitchy

21 April 2020
Have also a look at the very interesting development of the DEX of Stakenet. It is the first one with Lightning Network integration!

Blockchain & Music - An Unlikely Union

26 Mar 2020 falconite

27 March 2020
I made a comparison of blockchain and the music industry in September 2016. About 80% of the projects died until now, because of the lack of adoption. The other 20% will die soon. I hope very much, that one or more projects will have success. But there are some whales in the old economy which are protected by law and their lobbies.


25 Mar 2020 Franklinlee

25 March 2020
I think one of the biggest problem here is, that hackers, scammers and so on still can dump their coins on exchanges. KYC is not working at all, also on the well known and leading exchanges.

Portugal and COVID-19 , My experiences Part 2

15 Mar 2020 boyka

15 March 2020
Thanks for the update. As we were traveling (hiking) from south to north the Rota Vicentina, I was very happy to receive some news in english from Portugal. We have decided this morning to stop our hike and travel back to Switzerland. A lot of Hotels and Airbnb's are canceling the bookings and like this it would be very uncertain where we would be during the peak. We are now in Lissabon and hope that we can fly back tomorrow without big problems....

COVID-19 In Portugal, My experiences

14 Mar 2020 boyka

14 March 2020
Can you tell us in which region of portugal you live?

Horizen (ZEN): an Innovative Blockchain and giving away everyday directly to Your Wallet

14 Jan 2020 hgminh

13 March 2020
The ZEN-Faucet payout algo looks not fair. I get a random amount which I cannot verify how it comes and then is multiplied by a factor. It's strange, that I get less with a multiplier of 2x than with 1x. I don't get the logic behind this faucet. Is this Faucet an official one from ZEN?

Travel Portugal - Lagoa das 7 cidades, Azores

28 Feb 2020 portugal

28 February 2020
Would be nice to show a little map where I can find the place more easy.

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My TEZOs Coin Jar = Pure Delicious Profit!

17 Aug 2020 4 minute read comments rah

When I was younger I got into the habit of emptying my pocket of small change and dumping it in an old sweet jar. I would only dip into the jar if I needed small change for some reason and then I would change it for larger denominations (eg change 10...

VISIT PORTUGAL_ Berlengas Island

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A travel guide for Berlengas Islands cannot fail to reference points, which makes this Portuguese Nature Reserve a place to visit at least once in your life, but it is not to visit a single place in the country.The wild nature, its own fauna, like be...

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Crypto And Blockchain Social March Earnings

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I have achieved my goal of earning $500 CAD a month from crypto income on blockchain platforms. I’ve been aiming for $500 for a long time and will share with you and breakdown how I used the 9 platforms below to achieve this. Publish0x – 561 BAT – 0...

How To Trade Well

5 Apr 2020 14 minute read comments mduchow

“When a beginner wins he feels brilliant and invincible, then he takes a wild risk and loses everything.” - Alexander Elder It’s not possible to become a successful trader overnight. The markets are designed so that most traders will lose money. The...

LEDGER NANO X – Latest Edition Of The Most Popular Hardware Wallet

3 Apr 2020 5 minute read comments Moj Kripto

The Original Croatian version was Published in December 2019.   In this post, you will found out what improvements the next generation of Ledger Nano hardware wallets bring With over 1.5 million sold Nano S wallets, French company Ledger has released...

RE: How to Become a Successful Publish0x Author

29 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments ScreenTag

Having concluded our experiment on reader behaviour in Publish0x, we can now respond to Cryptosorted's post on 'How to Become a Succesful Publish0x Author'. Actually, with the current tipping process, the recipe is pretty simple - but admittedly not...

Get out of the quarantine hassle! Taking pictures in isolated locations :)

28 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments DREWO

## I hope you are well, without readers I am also nobodyWell, those days have been difficult and cost a lot to get through.Today, when I woke up around 11 am.I got dressed and went to buy bread, as always, on a Saturday of my weekly routine, the...

Portugal - Portuguese Food # 1

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments portugal

Bacalhau Bacalhau   Cod is the most recognized Portuguese dish worldwide. Cod is undoubtedly a symbol of Portugal. There is no one who comes to Portugal and does not want to eat a legitimate Portuguese codfish. The big question is that there are s...



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