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A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates in a decentralized way on a distributed ledger. One of the first DEX’s was launched in 2014 by the team behind the NXT cryptocurrency. Since then, a multitude of decentralized exchanges have launched but they are still very much in their early stages. 

Unlike centralized exchanges (CEX), which operate from centralized servers and are controlled by a central authority, DEX’s operate on a blockchain and enable peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies. This is the primary difference between centralized and decentralized exchanges, but there are also many more:

Anonymity: Decentralized exchanges grant their users full anonymity, while centralized exchanges generally need to comply with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) laws. 

Control of Funds: At centralized exchanges, users must trust their money to a third party. Their crypto funds are held by the centralized exchange, not the user. With decentralized exchanges, the user controls their funds as they make transactions directly from their personal wallets.

Hacks & Server Downtime: Centralized exchanges can be hacked and have downtime because they have central points of failure for hackers to target. Decentralized exchanges are impossible to hack because all participants are servers and if someone is hacked, the DEX will not notice and continue running. 

Open Source: A true decentralized exchange is completely open source so that anyone can open its code and see the algorithms and technologies it uses. With centralized exchanges, everything is privately owned and the user cannot identify what algorithms are being ran or technologies being used. 

How To Get 3 $1INCH From CoinMarketCap Earn 💰

20 Jan 2021 2 minute read 24 comments Cryptonator`s

At the moment, you have the chance to earn 3 $1INCH tokens (about $5.50) on CoinMarketCap Earn. Successful users will receive 3 $1INCH each until the total rewards pool of 50,000 $1INCH runs out. It`s easy and here is how it works, step by step. 1....

Earn 1Inch (1INCH) Token on CMC

20 Jan 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Batha

CoinMarketCaps has an Earn platform that opens campaigns every so often. The 1INCH campaign is currently LIVE now and here's how it works: Signup to CoinMarketCap by using this quick link ---> CoinMarketCap Signup or simply go to their main website...

People Making a Difference in Crypto #1 #WARONRUGS

19 Jan 2021 1 minute read 0 comments EliteHodler

What is WARONRUGS? WARONRUGS is a “community based, grassroots movement against rug pulls, and scammers in the crypto-sphere.” They warn people who follow them of scams, fraudulent projects and Rug-Pulls by analysing the staking and smart contracts t...

❓Does Ethereum High Gas Fee Really Stop Users from Using its DeFi and Dex?

19 Jan 2021 2 minute read 9 comments

  Ethereum gas price has reached its third-highest average of $10.20 per transaction since 2020. Transaction costs have ballooned once more.  One NFT project gets upset with this. Due to the insane fee and high activities on the Ethereum blockchain,...

Decentralized VS Centralized Exchanges for Dummies

18 Jan 2021 2 minute read 8 comments theatdhe

img source These are some terms that are used a lot in the crypto world. But, do all of us really fully understand them? What is a Decentralized Exchange? You don't need to perform a verification in order to store, sell, convert or buy any coins! You...

Get 50% on your Tether deposit !!!

17 Jan 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Arkemmus

There is a safe, reliable and incredibly easy way to earn passive income using USDT (tether).    This can be done using Waves.Exchange, that is one of the best and oldest DEX out there.    Just follow these steps and start growing your USDT:   1. Sig...

The tokens that have risen the most in price last 24 hours

17 Jan 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Makingdigital

Hello again curious people. We are going with the TOP 10 of the tokens that have risen the most in the last 24 hours. This information is very valuable as it can help you diversify your investment portfolio. Price speculation and trading are still tw...

🎥 My Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 16.01.2021

16 Jan 2021 1 minute read 0 comments cryptospa

Check on DTube:!/v/cryptospa/vpxlurstzzw Hello, dear members of Publish0x! In this video, I talked about the growth of the activity on decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs), according to the CoinGecko report on cryptocurrencies for...

Comparing Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain

16 Jan 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Makingdigital

What do you prefer Ethereum or BNB? This would be the first question I would ask you. Naturally your brain would pick Ethereum without thinking, just because of its price. But what if I ask you now the following: What do you prefer Ethereum Network o...

Announcing the 0x V4 vote

14 Jan 2021 2 minute read 4 comments 0x Project

To say that 2020 has been a transformational year for the decentralized exchanges space would be an understatement.While launching Matcha and onboarding more applications onto 0x API, 0x Labs has started experimenting with a novel smart contracts arc...