First fully true decentralized DEX is coming!!

First fully true decentralized DEX is coming!!

By SolarEclipse | SolarEclipse | 5 Apr 2020

Status Quo of DEXs

Many Decentralized Exchanges came around in the last years. Unfortunately, these decentralized exchanges are not as decentralized as the name suggests. If you have to send your coins to an Exchange, decentralized or not, you are not the owner of your funds. Not your keys, not your coins!! If an Exchange can control the access (geofencing) or needs an account with KYC, it still has centralized aspects which can be controlled or shut down completely.

You can find a great comparison and classification system of the existing DEXs here.





Stakenet is developing the first state of the art and fully decentralized DEX in their Multicurrency Light-Wallet, which executes trades via Lightning Swaps! The difference to Atomic Swaps is that swaps on the DEX are executed instantly and with almost no fees.

Once up and running, Stakenet-Dex will be operated by his Masternode-Network which has actually more than 2200 nodes all over the world. Masternodes earn fees by running different services on them and are fully integrated into the Stakenet economy. 

At the moment, the project is beta-testing the DEX heavily. Actually, you can trade the following three pairs.

By integrating the Raiden Network (after public launch) into the DEX, all ERC-20 Tokens will be available for trading too.

Have a first look at how fast Lightning Swaps are and the very nice UI with TradingView integration on this Youtube-Video.

If you would like to test the DEX for yourself and use the 1 Click Lightning Swap solution, then head on over Discord (link below) and ask to be added to the test group.

Website of Stakenet: Website
Stakenet on Twitter: @XSNofficial
Stakenet on Medium: Medium
Stakenet on Discord: Discord


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