ALIEN: Manticore - An idea running on it's own

ALIEN: Manticore - An idea running on it's own

By Wynqarrin | Runesrealms | 11 Aug 2021

 I and a friend of mine wrote a book and I mean a BOOK set in the ALIEN universe but took things in a different, non-trope direction. It has characters that act Intelligently, it covers a lot more ground that all of the ALIEN movies put together...including PROMETHEUS and ALIEN: Covenant.

 YES, it's fan-fiction, but it was done with an eye towards writing the best story possible within the confines of an established universe. Given how people have been responding to it and related works on Pocketnet, it's pretty clear that is does possess some merits as literature.
 Unlike the characters one usually finds in the ALIEN universe, the ones in ALIEN: Manticore have depth, are developed, and there's a very clear bond between them all for a very solid and inescapable reason;
 Manticore is a Private-Registry vessel. Not a company workhorse and with the way hypersleep slows aging to a glacial pace, one unavoidably loses touch with the world outside. You sleep in effective stasis for a two-year flight, the universe outside your hibernacula and everyone you know age as well. More trips, and that gulf gets wider and the end, all you really have as 'Family' are the people you travel with, as they're the only ones you can really still 'connect' the universe and life has left you behind.

 Manticore has leapt from the ALIEN universe to it's own now. One that is vastly larger and is now being aggressively developed, and which connects directly to an 'adjacent' universe as amalgamating them simplifies things and also enriches both universes considerably.
 The universe Manticore exists in is deeper, darker and richer than the ALIEN universe...which has unfortunately lost it's thrill and attraction as it's become reliant on it's own tropes and operates on a wash-rinse-repeat cycle, travelling in a circle.
 I say that as a LONG time fan of ALIEN starting from when it was first in the theatres long ago, and it's a painful thing to state.

 Manticore and it's crew will be exploring this new universe and it's not as simplistic as the ALIEN universe to be certain.
 We wanted a universe that has the proper feeling of immensity, was complex and possessed varied elements but not to the point where it will confound and confuse the audience.
 Moderation is key, it's always relatively easy to add some carefully-considered things later on as things grow and progress...add too much at the start, and you either live with it, or do a 'Ret-Con'...
 ...and we do NOT do Ret-Con as it's an Insult to the audience.


 Manticore's universe is also home to the genetically-engineered species called 'Chimerans', and UN-like the rest of science fiction, they will be explored as well;
 1; How do they approach technology and what's happening as they move away from the 'hand-me-down' technology of Humanity?

 2; How are they developing their own culture and identity as a people?

 3; What are their collective views on Humanity and Human interstellar civilization?

 4; What are their long-term goals and plans?

5; What are their children like and how do they raise them?

 Science fiction needs to move away from the tropes and recycled needs to evolve and grow and explore.

 That is what MANTICORE and stories set in it's universe strive to accomplish.




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